February 12, 2014

Hidden – Recover a Missing Device

Smartphone theft is on the rise, with Apple products now making up more than 18% of all grand larcenies in New York City. Hidden is a web-based application aiming to put an end to mobile device theft. The company’s founders say their system can recover missing iPads, iPhones, and Mac computers using a combination of GPS location, secret snapshots, and other tracking technologies.

Hidden does everything but arrest the person who stole your device. Install the software on your mobile product and connect it to your online account. You’ll rarely realize that anything has been installed, until the day when your device is lost or stolen. When that happens, login to the Hidden website and activate the tracking feature. Immediately, Hidden will locate your device using GPS technology. The application will also begin taking photos of the person who is using your device, along with screenshots that show what that person is up to. A new keylogging feature allows you to record what is being typed on your computer, potentially giving you access to even more vital information. All of these actions happen covertly and without the thief knowing, which allows you (and the authorities) to find the unsuspecting criminal and recapture your stolen device.

Hidden offers a money-back guarantee, which means the company will refund the complete cost of your subscription if your device ever goes missing and you can’t track it down. Hidden also offers a free 10-day trial for users who are interested in the application, but want to try it out before signing up with a credit card.

Practical Uses:

  • Find your iPhone if it’s ever stolen
  • Locate a lost iPad using GPS technology
  • Track the websites a thief is visiting on your Mac
  • Help the police pinpoint the person who broke into your home

Insider Tips:

  • Users must enable Location Services on their iOS devices for Hidden to function
  • Hidden works all over the world
  • Hide the Location Services icon on the menu bar to prevent thieves from knowing they’re being tracked
  • Users are encouraged to create guest accounts on their Macs to entice thieves into trying their computers before selling them

What we liked:

  • Hidden will still work even if your computer has a password
  • Various restrictions can prevent thieves from uninstalling Hidden
  • Users always have the option to delete the information that Hidden has collected
  • Hidden offers a test mode, which allows users to see whether the app is working

What we didn’t like:

  • Hidden doesn’t work on Windows computers


Company Info:


  • 10 device Suite package costs $75 per year

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