February 28, 2014

SocialBungy – Social Campaigns, Built With Tablets

Set down the clipboards and pass on the spreadsheets. When it comes to collecting data from physical locations, SocialBungy has a better solution. SocialBungy provides businesses with a way to build sign-up forms, contests, and promotions—and ultimately capture leads from event booths, trade shows, and other locations—with iPads and tablet devices.

Whether you’re hoping to capture leads at trade shows and expos, conduct field-marketing campaigns at city parks, or engage customers with in-store promotions, SocialBungy can make it happen. Set up your campaign using SocialBungy’s step-by-step guide. Select a form design from a pre-defined list, or create your own from scratch. Upload images (like a brand logo) and design your form to feature your favorite colors. SocialBungy gives you complete creative control over the forms you design. This includes letting you set the privacy controls and terms for each campaign. When it comes time to collect your data, just set out your iPad or assign an employee to manage the task.

Potential leads will click on the appropriate tablet app and follow the steps outlined in your promotion. SocialBungy will then log each lead’s information for further review. Stay on top of how your campaign is progressing, even when you’re working offsite. SocialBungy offers a real-time analytics dashboard, which managers can use to check-in on their promotions from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Practical Uses:

  • Host a raffle to draw attention to your trade show booth
  • Run in-store promotions to encourage people to visit your retail store
  • Collect information from potential interns at a university career fair
  • Check-in on how a field marketing campaign is going from inside your office

Insider Tips:

  • Include your company’s own branding and logos on all campaign forms
  • Reward staff members by using the Employee Performance Tracker
  • Break down the data you collect by gender or age
  • Track your team’s hours using SocialBungy

What we liked:

  • Each campaign gets its own set of performance goals
  • Campaigns are accessed via dedicated web apps
  • Users can upload images to make their forms unique
  • SocialBungy includes a real-time analytics dashboard

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2013
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Canada
  • Founded by: Mike Barwick, Jan Bui, and Dimitri Nikolaros
  • Web site:


  • Campaigns are free (for a limited time only)

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