March 10, 2014

LightSpeed – A Complete Retail Management Solution

The retail industry is incredibly complex, but the tools that merchants use to run their businesses don’t need to be. LightSpeed is a complete POS solution that retailers can use to process payments on the sales floor and engage with customers on the fly. With integrated payments, inventory controls, and ecommerce solutions, LightSpeed is aiming to be more than just a mobile POS provider.

Turn your web browser or iPad into a POS by signing up for LightSpeed Cloud. You can also configure LightSpeed Pro (designed exclusively for Apple devices) to operate at your own retail store in a few basic steps, making sure to include information about your taxes, products, and customers. The three main components of LightSpeed Pro are the POS screen, the browser, and the web store. As soon as you’ve gotten set up, your employees can start processing transactions on the iPad while standing at the counter or cruising through the sales floor. In addition to processing transactions, employees can pull up detailed product information for customers using their mobile devices. The application’s inventory tools also make it easy to run inventory counters, purchase orders, and product matrices.

One of LightSpeed’s latest additions is Web Store. The ecommerce solution was built for brick-and-mortar merchants who’d like to start selling their products online. In less than five minutes, merchants who use LightSpeed Web Store can import products from vendor catalogs directly into their ecommerce systems. LightSpeed shares inventory between online and physical stores, eliminating the redundancy issues that merchants with multiple locations sometimes face.

Practical Uses:

  • Process payments from a desktop or iPad
  • Manage inventory for your physical store and online store
  • Quickly connect to vendors and suppliers
  • Engage with customers on the sales floor

Insider Tips:

  • LightSpeed storefronts support wishlists, gift registries, and promo codes
  • LightSpeed Pro integrates with Magento
  • Merchants can design their ecommerce stores using LightSpeed’s themes
  • Retailers can purchase POS hardware from LightSpeed

What we liked:

  • Real-time inventory controls make it easy to tell which products are in stock
  • Sales reps can share expanded product details with customers on their iPads
  • Salespeople are able to process transactions from any location
  • Merchants can set up automatic re-order points

What we didn’t like:

  • Retailers must pay extra to add additional employees to their accounts


Company Info:


  • Small plan is $79 per month
  • Medium plan is $134 per month
  • Large plan is $229 per month

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