April 2, 2014

GoReminders – Help Clients Arrive On Time

Missed appointments cost small businesses millions of dollars each year. Although many companies say they charge customers a fee for failing to cancel within 24 hours of their appointments, actually collecting that fee can be challenging, at best. GoReminders is a booking platform that helps businesses cut down on no-show appointments with automated scheduling reminders.

One of the great things about GoReminders is that you don’t have to change your existing scheduling procedures to start using the system. Just login to the web-based service each time a client makes a new appointment, and enter some basic details like the client’s name, email address, phone number, and appointment time. You can also select whether to have GoReminders send an email or text based on the client’s preferences. On the day before a scheduled appointment, GoReminders will automatically send the client a message based on the reminder template you set up. For example, an SMS message might read: “You have an appointment with Dr. Smith at 10 a.m. on April 3rd.” When a client is reminded of his or her appointment, the chances of that person not showing up decrease dramatically.

GoReminders also offers a Calendar Connect feature, which businesses can use to sync their GoReminders calendars in Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar or other calendar apps. This type of synchronization is an excellent way for companies to ensure their providers are on the same page as their clients.

Practical Uses:

  • Send an email reminder the day before your client’s hair appointment
  • Decrease the number of no-shows at your auto shop
  • Use SMS messaging to get alerts right to people’s smartphones
  • Change the message you send to a client based on the type of appointment

Insider Tips:

  • View a list of all your upcoming appointments under the “Appointments” tab
  • Change the reminder message template to generate better results
  • Manually enter the contact information for each client
  • Upgrade plans to send more text and email reminders each month

What we liked:

  • GoReminders is extremely simple and straightforward to use
  • Users can connect GoReminders to their Google Calendars
  • It doesn’t take much time for a receptionist to create a new entry in GoReminders
  • Companies can see a master list of all upcoming appointments

What we didn’t like:

  • GoReminders doesn’t automatically pull client information from an integrated booking platform


Company Info:


  • Starter plan is $14 per month
  • Professional plan is $29 per month
  • Small Business plan is $79 per month
  • Enterprise plan is $299 per month


  1. Great to see such a nice app. I really admire GoReminder for the wonderful app they are providing and here at SetMore we also believe that no-show is something that drains money or rather opportunities to make recurring money.

    Stephanie, thanks for this wonderful writeup, however, I beg to differ. At SetMore, reminders is a core element of our app, Although it’s not the only part. We provide a ton more than that, Here is a glimpse,

    1. Free clean booking pages( works equally great for mobile devices) for businesses who do not have a website. So no matter who your customer is and whatever device is using, he can book appointments anytime(you do not have to be there at all).
    2. For businesses having a website and/or Facebook page, we have a nice booking page.
    3. A wonderfully designed appointment management solution.
    4. Your calendar is printable and downloadable.
    5. Our Android and iOS app allows, you and your staff to stay on top of their appointments, book appointments on the go and appointment notifications.
    6. You can have 20 staff offering unlimited services and booking unlimited appointments. You can scale with us.
    7. Buffer time between appointments, multiple staff schedules, business hours, reviews and ratings, customised URL etc

    Finally, for those wondering about the price, WE ARE FREE. No bar on appointments, no trial, no credit card, simply FREE. Unconditionally, for as long as you may want. And when you pay just $25 a month you get the following as bonus.

    1. Unlimited SMS/email reminders for booking confirmation.
    2. Your appointments are sync-able (with Google calendar, iCal or any popular calendar app).
    3. In a few weeks time, businesses can take payments using our app.

    Give it a try today, it won’t cost a dime.

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