April 28, 2014

allthings – Bringing Together the Personal & the Professional

Many people with busy professional lives have just as much going on at home. Allthings is a web-based application that people can use to keep both their personal lives and their business lives organized. The task management and collaboration platform has been designed for people who have a lot on their plates.

Logging in to your allthings account brings up a list that you can use as a guide to creating and managing all the future lists you’ll setup as you start integrating the platform into your everyday life. Each new list you create should have a title and a list of things you need to complete. Customize any list by changing the colors and adding icons, and share a list with contacts both inside and outside the allthings platform. Once you’ve shared a list, you can start assigning tasks to the individuals you’ve invited to participate. When someone makes a change to a list you’ve created, allthings provides you with a real-time update (which appears in the Updates drop-down box). The flexible interface makes it easy for you to organize lists into groups, like “Personal,” “Family,” “Website Projects,” or “Marketing.”

Allthings is great about allowing its users to configure preferences in the way that makes sense to them. For example, people who rely heavily on email communication can sign up for daily email digests with information about all the upcoming tasks they have planned. Email alerts can also be setup to go out any time a list or an item on a list has been updated or changed.

Practical Uses:

  • Assign tasks to your employees at work
  • Reorganize the items on a list based on importance or deadline
  • Create a list of everything that need to happen for an upcoming project
  • Keep family tasks and business tasks separate

Insider Tips:

  • Add identifiable icons to any list
  • Sign up for daily email digests
  • Upload documents or images to a list
  • Invite friends to join allthings through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google

What we liked:

  • Grouping lists into folders makes it easier for users to stay organized
  • allthings offers a great way for people to share documents with colleagues
  • Users receive real-time notifications when their lists have been changed
  • allthings provides visibility to managers when assigning new tasks to employees

What we didn’t like:

  • People who use the free edition can only create up to a five lists


Company Info:

  • Launched: April 2013
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Dundee, Scotland
  • Founded by: David Hay, Dee Ward, and Ralph Hasselgren
  • Web site:


  • Free edition
  • Professional edition is £2.49 per user, per month

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