May 28, 2014

ToDo – A Structured Teamwork Solution

The ideal teamwork application should be straightforward and easy to use. ToDo is a web-based platform that fits this bill, providing groups of people with a simplified way to share to-do lists and track the progress they’ve made toward achieving team goals.

Regardless of how productive you are as an individual, you’ll never be able to accomplish as much alone as you could with the help of your team. Rather than keeping your to-do list private, open it up with the ToDo app. Each item on your to-do list will be assigned a card, and cards get moved from category to category to show the progress you’ve made toward accomplishing each task on your list. (For example, categories include “To Do,” “Working On,” and “Done.”) To expedite the process, you can attach documents from Dropbox, Google Docs, and your hard drive onto specific cards.

Of course, using ToDo means you won’t be the only person working on your tasks. With ToDo, you can share ideas and assign tasks to other team members, as well. You can then keep track of the progress your team members are making by watching individual cards as they make their way through the workflow. If it looks like a team member has stalled on a particular task, leave a comment to discuss the card. You can also label cards with colors and setup email notifications on the day when specific are due.

Practical Uses:

  • Assign tasks to each of your employees
  • Send automated email reminders before a task is due
  • Comment on cards to communicate with the person who has been assigned the task
  • Attach documents to relevant cards

Insider Tips:

  • Sort cards based on the label or based on the assigned team member
  • Attach files to card from Dropbox, Google Docs, or your hard drive
  • Download ToDo for iOS devices
  • Become a developer by using ToDo’s API

What we liked:

  • The card-based organizational structure is easy for new users to understand
  • Users can create burn-up charts to view a team’s progress over time
  • Only invited team members can access a user’s boards
  • Users can continue adding modules as their needs grow over time

What we didn’t like:

  • Advanced features like Gantt charts and time reporting are only available with Plus plans


Company Info:


  • Basic accounts are free
  • Pro accounts are 3€ per user, per month
  • Plus accounts come with flexible pricing options

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