July 2, 2014

SoundBetter – Hire Qualified Music Professionals

The difference between an amateur singer and a professional usually has less to do with vocal skill than it does the quality of producers, mixing engineers, and other behind-the-scenes experts working with these artists. SoundBetter is a web-based platform that gives everyday people access to top recording studios and production professionals who could potentially make their dreams of stardom reality.

SoundBetter is a services marketplace that connects musicians with service providers who work in the music production industry. Put the finishing touches on that song you’ve been working on for years by searching for a professional studio with availability in your area. You can also search for audio engineers, producers, and session musicians by posting the details of your project on SoundBetter. Professionals who are interested in working with you will send their proposals via email, and you’ll be able to pay for their work securely through the web-based platform.

Communication between musicians and providers happens through dedicated project workrooms in SoundBetter, and tracks are sent digitally when they’re complete. SoundBetter doesn’t release funds until its providers are satisfied with the finished product, which gives both musicians and engineers a sense of security throughout the production process.

Practical Uses:

  • Record the song you’ve been writing for years
  • Search for a mixing engineer to work with an your next record
  • Hear what your voice sounds like after it’s been tweaked by professionals

Insider Tips:

  • Read reviews from verified clients before selecting a provider
  • Watch video tutorials about music production in the Knowledge section
  • Funds aren’t released to providers until musicians are happy with the product
  • Choose from three payment types when creating a proposal for a musician client

What we liked:

  • Musicians can quickly find qualified professionals in their local areas
  • Freelance engineers and producers can use SoundBetter to generate extra revenue
  • Dedicated project workrooms help musicians communicate with their providers
  • Clients are always expected to pre-fund jobs before any work begins
  • SoundBetter is used by all kinds of sound engineers and music production professionals

What we didn’t like:

  • SoundBetter charges a commission from its providers


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2012
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Founded by: Shachar Gilad
  • Web site:


  • SoundBetter takes a commission based on the revenue generated by providers


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