July 8, 2014

vLine – Free Video Chat

Face-to-face conversations are almost always more productive than conference calls, but in today’s work environment it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get large groups of people together in the same room. vLine has developed a web-based platform that simplifies video chats and enables teams stationed around the globe to quickly organize face-to-face calls.

vLine isn’t the first application that provides video chatting features. However, the company’s streamlined platform stands apart from competitors based purely on simplicity and ease-of-use. Copy a vLine link and send it to with whomever you’re hoping to chat with via email, IM, or through social media. Clicking on that link yourself takes you directly to your video chat room. Enable notifications to find out immediately whenever a new person joins your chat. You can continue adding more people to your video chat until everyone is on the line, and keep your vLine link open to continue touching base throughout the day.

vLine was built to be used by sales executives, educators, teams, software developers, consultants, and anyone else with a reason to host a video chat online. The application is firewall savvy, which means users can connect across companies, and there are no time limits on the length of calls. Links can be used more than once. In fact, people can even schedule future calls by adding vLine links to their meeting invites.

Practical Uses:

  • Host a video conference call with your entire team
  • Keep a video chat room open with your colleagues all day
  • Invite a client to participate in a face-to-face discussion
  • Host live seminars for the course you’re teaching

Insider Tips:

  • vLine works in Chrome and Firefox
  • Add vLine links to meeting invitations to schedule future calls
  • Calls have the highest quality connection when they’re limited to no more than four participants
  • vLine works on the latest Chrome browser on Android

What we liked:

  • There is no time limit on calls
  • People can use their links more than once
  • All calls are encrypted for privacy and security
  • Developers can customize vLine for their websites

What we didn’t like:

  • vLine doesn’t offer the option for users to personalized their URLs
  • vLine doesn’t offer a mobile app for iOS or Android


  • Airtime –
  • Google+ Hangouts –
  • ooVoo –
  • Company Info:

    • Privately Held
    • Headquarters: Austin, Texas
    • Founded by: Ben Strong, Adam Fineberg and Prakash Ramakrishna
    • Web site:


    • Free


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