July 18, 2014

WorkingOn – Track Accomplishments & Project Progress

WorkingOn is a web-based progress tracking application with some pretty major claims. The company says it can save 10-person teams upwards of 20 hours per month, while also helping to avoid costly mistakes and increase group collaboration. Built for startups, companies, and teams, WorkingOn was created to make it easier for people to focus on getting things done. Users can quickly share what they’re working on, and WorkingOn will keep their teammates up-to-date with daily email digests.

Enter some basic information about your business to begin using the WorkingOn platform. You can send an email to your team members inviting them to join the service, as well, or skip that step and get straight to work entering the details of your very first project. WorkingOn has developed tools for making it especially easy to share your work with others. For example, the Alfred plugin enables you to quickly post what you’re working on when you hit Command + Space. In addition to its tools for Alfred, WorkingOn also offers tools for Trello, Github, Asana, Yammer, and email, along with a WebHook API.

WorkingOn will send you daily email digests that list everything you accomplished the day before. To add more items to this list, just reply to the email and WorkingOn will make the changes. You can also keep in sync with your team thanks to real-time HipChat, Flowdock, and Slack updates.

Practical Uses:

  • Save time when working together with a team
  • Avoid duplicating work with colleagues
  • Increase productivity in the office
  • Learn what your peers have been working on each day

Insider Tips:

  • Add information to a daily summary by replying to the email
  • Use the Alfred plugin to quickly post what you’re working on
  • Request an integration if the chat service your team uses doesn’t already work with WorkingOn
  • Payments for WorkingOn are processed with Stripe

What we liked:

  • Users can get real-time HipChat, Flowdock, or Slack updates
  • “Teams” are a smart way to cut down on email overload at larger organizations
  • Email digests are sent to users each day
  • WorkingOn connects to a number of popular business apps, including Github and Trello

What we didn’t like:

  • Pricing is based on the number of users within an organization


Company Info:


  • $4 per month, per person

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