September 8, 2014

ProdPad – Put the Best Ideas Into Action

ProdPad is a product management solution that provides teams with an easy way to turn their best ideas into product specs. By integrating with the web-based tools that many companies already use—including JIRA, UserVoice, and Trello—ProdPad is able to reduce the types of backlogs that slow teams down.

Ideas can come from any direction. The next time you have a moment of genius, open up ProdPad and submit a new idea to your team. ProdPad will generate reports based on the ideas that your team has put in, and the web-based application offers bulk editing, tagging, filtering, and sorting to make it even easier for you to keep your ideas organized. When the time comes to put your developed ideas into action, use ProdPad’s roadmapping cards to communicate your plans with your entire team. ProdPad can help you manage roadmaps from single products, product lines, and entire portfolios.

The actual interpretation of your roadmap is called prioritization, and it involves deciding what should be built based on aspects like value and demand. When you get to the point where your product specifications are ready to go, that’s called delivery. ProdPad can push product specifications to your developers seamlessly, and status alerts can be shared while the process is ongoing. Finally, analytics, experimentation, and customer feedback tools help businesses get a better idea of how successful their completed products have ultimately become.

Practical Uses:

  • Capture product ideas from your entire team
  • Attach mockup designs to product ideas
  • Establish priority throughout the product management process
  • Log customer feedback from multiple sources

Insider Tips:

  • ProdPad integrates with a number of popular business applications
  • Users can export roadmaps and ideas as PDF and PNG files
  • Product roadmap cards can be organized based on current, near term, or future priority
  • Allow your entire team to comment on roadmaps and ideas

What we liked:

  • ProdPad makes it easy to capture and prioritize idea backlogs
  • ProPad is useful for promoting teamwork and collaboration
  • Businesses can take advantage of the feedback they get from users
  • Product roadmaps can be quickly updated from within the system

What we didn’t like:

  • Plus plans only include one third-party integration


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2012
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
  • Founded by: Janna Bastow and Simon Cast
  • Web site:


  • Plus plan is $59 per month
  • Premium plan is $129 per month
  • Enterprise plan with custom pricing

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