October 6, 2014

YourTradeBase – Business Tools for Tradespeople

Sorting through estimates, invoices, and other business paperwork is a time drain for tradespeople. Unfortunately, letting that paperwork fall by the wayside isn’t an option for business owners, either. YourTradeBase is a web-based application that provides tools for tradespeople who are looking for ways to simplify their business paperwork and spend more time actually growing their companies.

YourTradeBase claims it can save tradespeople between four and eight hours a week on paperwork. Rather than manually generating estimates and invoices from scratch in Excel or Word, you can use YourTradeBase’s templates to automate your billing processes. Just enter your business information once, and YourTradeBase will include it on all future invoices and estimates. Financial totals are calculated automatically, and invoices can quickly be emailed or printed and sent to clients. YourTradeBase will notify you when a client’s payment is overdue or when an estimate hasn’t been confirmed, cutting down on the time it takes you to manually manage these tasks by hand.

A list of overdue tasks is always provided to show what paperwork needs your immediate attention, and job status updates make it easy to see where you’re at with each client on your roster. YourTradeBase’s complete application is available to use on any laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone, which means that in many cases you’re able to generate and send bills to clients before you’ve even left the job site.

Practical Uses:

  • Send estimates to clients from any tablet or smartphone
  • Quickly generate invoices using pre-populated templates
  • Get an alert when a client is past due on a bill
  • Review a list of tasks sorted by due date

Insider Tips:

  • Upload a custom logo to your invoices and estimates
  • Mark tasks as “Done” before they become overdue
  • Update the status of any paperwork from the Jobs tab
  • Invoices can be printed, downloaded, or emailed directly to clients

What we liked:

  • YourTradeBase calculates all financial totals automatically
  • A contact management database helps tradespeople save client information
  • YourTradeBase explicitly lists how many paperwork items are waiting to be sent
  • Users can see how many possible jobs they have in the works at any time

What we didn’t like:

  • YourTradeBase works better for solo tradespeople than the owners of larger businesses


Company Info:


  • Free plan
  • Basic plan is $9 per month
  • Unlimited plan is $22 per month

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