October 14, 2014

Headspace – Meditate the Worry Away

Most people don’t think of technology and meditation as going together, but that hasn’t fazed the founders of Headspace. The web-based application teaches its users how to meditate effectively with just 10 minutes a day.

To fully understand the concept of Headspace, you need to think of the platform like a gym membership for your brain. Headspace uses meditation and mindfulness techniques to help you train your mind to become healthier and happier. Visit the Headspace website and follow the instructions to begin. Most people choose to start with Take 10, a 10-day program that teaches users the basics of meditation. When you’ve completed that program, subscribe to Headspace for even more advanced content. You can get access to hundreds of hours of original meditation content, along with bite-size SOS meditation sessions for when you’re in full meltdown mode. Headspace also provides special series collections that focus on particular issues that you may be struggling with, like health and relationships.

Because Headspace is a web-based application, the company takes full advantage of analytics and statistics. Link up with friends who use the service, track your progress, and receive bonus gifts when you meditate for several days in a row. Overall, Headspace is an excellent solution for people who are interested in meditation but aren’t sure how to begin.

Practical Uses:

  • Learn how to meditate to achieve better mental health
  • Motivate friends as you learn to meditate together
  • Avoid melting down with bite-size SOS meditation sessions
  • Track how long you’ve been able to meditate for each week

Insider Tips:

  • Earn bonus gifts by meditating for several days in a row
  • Use Headspace on your desktop computer or your mobile device
  • Find friends who use Headspace and link up your accounts
  • Headspace matches all user subscriptions by donating subscriptions to people in need

What we liked:

  • Headspace is an effective tool for learning how to meditate
  • Headspace’s SOS sessions can help people who are in the middle of panic attacks
  • Daily training sessions usually don’t take more than 10 minutes
  • Special series collections let people focus on specific issues they’re dealing with

What we didn’t like:

  • Series sessions are only available for paid subscribers


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2013 (US Version)
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: London, England
  • Founded by: Andy Puddicombe and Richard Pierson
  • Web site:


  • $12.95 per month


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