October 16, 2014

BrandYourself – Get Control of Your Search Results

Employers, clients, and even potential love interests are Googling your name online, and the results they find may not always put you in the very best light. BrandYourself is a free application that people can use to get more control over the results that pop up when people Google their names.

Depending on your level of technical expertise and how much time you have available, you can choose whether to use BrandYourself as a DIY product or a concierge service. Using the DIY product, you’re able to submit links to all the profiles and webpages you want people to see first when they search for your name online. (For example, your Facebook profile or your personal website.) BrandYourself will analyze each link you submit and provide you with step-by-step directions for how to get those websites to rank higher in organic search results. As the effects of your efforts begin to take place, BrandYourself will provide you with alerts that show how you’re faring, along with a Search Score that monitors how many positive vs. negative results are on the first page of your Google results.

For people who’d like a more full-service approach, BrandYourself provides a concierge service. Users who select the concierge service are assigned one of BrandYourself’s in-house reputation specialists to create a custom strategy unique to each personal situation. These specialists are also able to build custom websites and profiles, which will eventually make up the first page of that user’s organic search results.

Practical Uses:

  • Control what people see when they search for your name online
  • Receive alerts when your search results change
  • Improve the Google rankings of your personal website and social media profiles
  • Find out what you could be doing to boost your online reputation

Insider Tips:

  • Boosted links can take between two and six weeks to improve
  • Start by submitting high-quality profile links, then submit lower quality links after you’ve gotten comfortable with using BrandYourself
  • Search Scores monitor the sentiment of results appearing on the first page of Google
  • Receive notifications when people Google your name and find your BrandYourself profile

What we liked:

  • BrandYourself notifies users when unidentified results show up on the first page of Google
  • Users can track how individual links are rising and falling in the Google rankings
  • BrandYourself provides DIY tools for people who prefer handling reputation management on their own
  • Concierge services are available for users who’d like a more hands-free approach

What we didn’t like:

  • Tech-savvy people don’t need BrandYourself’s tools to monitor their search results


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2012
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: New York, New York
  • Founded by: Patrick Ambron, Pete Kistler, and Evan McGowan Watson
  • Web site:


  • Free tools

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