November 3, 2014

PolitePersistence – Personalized Follow Up Emails

Sending dozens of customized emails to potential sales leads is a tedious process that most sales teams can’t seem to avoid when they’re managing in and out of work relationships. PolitePersistence offers an alternative, providing its users with a way to automatically send personalized drip follow up emails from their own Gmail accounts.

PolitePersistence saves you time by allowing you to schedule follow up emails from the same compose screen as the initial emails you send out. Install the PolitePersistence extension on each computer and browser you use, and the web-application will appear the next time you compose a new message in Gmail. Click the PolitePersistence logo, and choose between your first email and a subsequent follow ups. With PolitePersistence, you can compose multiple follow-up messages on the same screen. You can also schedule when those messages should be sent out. If you receive a reply before the follow-up email is scheduled to go out, then PolitePersistence will automatically cancel that follow-up message.

Recipients of your automated emails have no idea they’re receiving messages you’ve created through PolitePersistence, since all follow-ups are completely custom and sent from your personal email account. As a result, PolitePersistence is an excellent solution for professionals who frequently find themselves sending multiple emails before hearing from their contacts or potential clients.

Practical Uses:

  • Save time when corresponding with hundreds of contacts
  • Decrease how long it takes your employees to follow up with sales leads
  • Generate follow-up emails using templates
  • Receive send confirmations when follow up emails have been sent

Insider Tips:

  • Install the extension to use PolitePersistence on your computer
  • Locate all future follow-up emails in your Gmail draft folder
  • Compose multiple follow-up messages from the same email interface
  • Messages that have been sent are placed in your Sent folder

What we liked:

  • PolitePersistence saves sales teams time
  • Users can edit their scheduled emails at any point before they’re delivered
  • PolitePersistence connects with Gmail
  • Follow-ups are automatically cancelled when a sender receives a reply

What we didn’t like:

  • PolitePersistence is currently restructuring its pricing model


Company Info:


  • Freemium model


  1. Thanks Stephanie for reviewing PolitePersistence!

    We are still in the private alpha and have recently rolled out a special and limited time offer for the first 25 users of PolitePersistence.

    We are personally working with our early users to write their follow up messages for them while handholding them through the entire PolitePersistence process. We realized from our research that many people don’t know what to say after the 2nd or 3rd follow up. This is where we thrive. If you are interested in having us compose your follow up templates for you drop me a note – john at politepersistence dot com.

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