December 16, 2014

BeatStrap – Helping Teams Use Twitter

BeatStrap makes it easier for teams to cover live events on Twitter. Using the web-based application, news organizations and brands can assign multiple correspondents to live blog breaking news events and sports matches as they happen, while still keeping the coverage cohesive and on-message.

Although BeatStrap can be used by any organization or team with multiple members, the platform really shines for journalists and bloggers. Sign up for an account with Twitter and choose who can contribute to your “Beats.” Each Beat has its own unique set of contributors, which means a newspaper with a single BeatStrap account can assign its sports reporters to cover an upcoming football game, without inviting those same sports reporters to live blog about a breaking news event. Individual Beats get their own titles, hashtags, and descriptions. Contributors should include the official Beat hashtag in any tweets they sent out. They can also capture media through popular tools like Instagram, Vine, and YouTube.

Beats can be embedded on a website or blog, and they’ll update in real-time as contributors continue tweeting with the official hashtag. Editors can create, edit, and manage their team Beats on both desktop computers and mobile devices, making BeatStrap a truly useful tool for many different types of news organizations and brands.

Practical Uses:

  • Assign your reporters to tweet during an upcoming city council meeting
  • Embed a Beat on the homepage of your website
  • Promote your brand by inviting social media influencers to tweet about a certain topics

Insider Tips:

  • A unique hashtag should be selected for each Beat
  • Include digital media from Instagram, Vine, and YouTube
  • Assign different contributors to each Beat

What we liked:

  • BeatStrap offers tools that businesses can use to promote their brands
  • BeatStrap is a smart way for groups to live-blog major events
  • Users can easily embed Beats on their websites
  • Beats can be managed from desktops and mobile devices

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:


  • Free plan
  • Silver plan is $200 per year
  • Gold plan is $500 per year

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