December 31, 2014

Spaces – Validate Business Ideas

You’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit, and Spaces has got the tools to make your dreams a reality. Using Spaces, would-be business owners can try out their best ideas and quickly launch their companies online.

Spaces provides all the tools you need to create a landing page for your new business. Through this business landing page, you can sell your services and products to consumers without the expenses that typically go along with starting a new company from scratch. Just list the physical goods or digital products you’re planning to sell, and decide which type of payments you’ll accept. With Spaces, you can accept payments with credit card, bank transfer, Paypal, and Bitcoin. You can also create recurring subscriptions, which allow you to focus on delivering your product while Spaces handles the collecting of monthly or weekly payments from your customers.

While Spaces might seem like nothing more than a landing page creation tool, it’s actually significantly more robust. The pages that users create with Spaces serve as actual business hubs. Business owners can sell their services and goods online, and they can use these websites as a form of marketing and promotion. Spaces is an excellent solution to try out for anyone who’s interested in launching a business with as little upfront cost as possible.

Practical Uses:

  • Test the market to see if people are interested in buying the gadget you designed
  • Promote the company you’re planning to launch next month
  • Sell copies of your latest album to fans online
  • Collect on overdue payments from customers

Insider Tips:

  • Landing pages created with Spaces are shareable through social media
  • Spaces offers tools for combining physical and digital products
  • Business owners can connect their Spaces accounts with different services

What we liked:

  • Automated subscriptions help merchants collect payments with less hassle
  • Businesses can accept many different payment methods
  • Businesses can continue to use Spaces even as they grow
  • Users can design their pages without any CSS or HTML

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:


  • First landing page is free
  • Spaces charges $9 per month, plus a 3% transaction fee, after a business earns more than $50 a month

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