January 14, 2015

Airtable – Create Structured Lists

Airtable has developed a new way for people to create structured lists that can be accessed from any device. Airtable’s streamlined interface behaves similarly to a traditional spreadsheet, but provides users with many advanced features that aren’t currently possible with software like Excel.

Airtable is flexible enough that you can really use the application in an unlimited number of ways. For example, you can create a list of all the movies you want to watch in the coming year or all your favorite restaurants in town. Import an existing spreadsheet with the information you need, or use a template designed by Airtable. You can add records and values to your list using the same keyboard shortcuts you’re used to with Excel. However, Airtable also offers additional features that aren’t possible with typical spreadsheets, like expandable note fields and file attachments. Another interesting feature that Airtable provides is the ability to create different tables that link to one other.

Collaboration features make Airtable an option for remote groups looking for smarter ways to work together on projects, as do Airtable’s mobile capabilities. Users can access and edit their projects using Airtable’s mobile app, and any changes made from a smartphone or tablet are synced across all connected devices in real-time.

Practical Uses:

  • Access structured lists from any device
  • Build a real-time database
  • Create filtered views of a larger list
  • Work cohesively on a group project

Insider Tips:

  • Add file attachments to specific fields within a list
  • Create fields with special types
  • Add new fields to a list while working on a mobile device
  • Undue any mistakes you made while creating a new list

What we liked:

  • Airtable’s interface is intuitively designed
  • Keyboard shortcuts make it easy to add records and values
  • Anyone who’s used a spreadsheet can understand how to use Airtable
  • Users can do anything from the mobile app that they can do with the desktop interface

What we didn’t like:

  • Airtable’s mobile app is only available for iPhone users


Company Info:

  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Founded by: Formagrid inc.
  • Web site:


  • Basic plan is free
  • Plus plan is $12 per user, per month
  • Pro plan is $30 per user, per month
  • Enterprise plan is coming soon


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