February 19, 2015

Fliplingo – Translate Online Content

In a global society, even the smallest businesses regularly work with customers and clients located around the world. Fliplingo is a web-based translation service that provides businesses with streamlined ways to translate the content on their websites into up to 30 different languages.

An all-in-one translation service aimed at serving multi-lingual businesses, Fliplingo employs humans to quickly translate content for its clients. Using Fliplingo’s interface, you can add or connect the translation channels you need. For example, you can add a channel for HTML content (which means sending HTML content for translation) or Facebook (which will translate your Facebook posts into the language of your choice). Manage all of your channels through the online platform, and submit new content as frequently as you need. You can even create automated workflows for your translations, seamlessly ordering, processing, and delivering translations for all of your connected social media and blogging accounts in real-time.

Fliplingo offers translations in more than 30 languages and integrates with all social media platforms. By managing their translations through Fliplingo’s online interface, as opposed to by copy/pasting content into emails, businesses can save time and post social media updates immediately when their translations are complete. Fliplingo also offers advanced features that allow users to read mentions in their own language, and then reply in the language of the person they’re corresponding with.

Practical Uses:

  • Translate the content on your website from English to Spanish
  • Automate your translation workflows
  • Submit plain text to be translated immediately
  • Respond to Facebook comments in the language of the commenter

Insider Tips:

  • Fliplingo gives users the option of using machine translation services or human translators
  • Use auto-recharge to purchase extra words when you run out
  • Create “flips” for any channel that’s connected to your Fliplingo account
  • Associate time zones to specific social accounts, so translated posts are published at the right time based on the language being used

What we liked:

  • Translations are usually complete in less than one hour
  • Fliplingo works with more than 13,000 human translators
  • Translators must pass a professional test to work for Fliplingo
  • Fliplingo’s translations never exceed the character limits on social media

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2014
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Berlin, Germany
  • Founded by: Matthieu Aussaguel
  • Web site:


  • Lite plan is $29 per month
  • Pro plan is $99 per month
  • Business plan is $199 per month
  • Enterprise plan is $499 per month


  1. Nikita Bogomolov

    Hello, my name is Nikita. I’m a recent graduate of linguistic university. I’d like to know what I need in order to work in your company remotely, if there is such a possibility. My mother tongue is Russian, so I can translate from English into Russian and vice versa.

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