March 6, 2015

ChartBlocks – Create & Distribute Charts

Detailed charts make it easier for people to understand large data sets. However, the idea of creating extensive charts from scratch usually scares people off. ChartBlocks is a DIY solution that provides a simplified way for anyone to build and share custom data charts online.

Designing a chart with ChartBlocks boils down to a three-step process. Import your data into ChartBlocks’s web-based platform. (ChartBlocks accepts spreadsheets, databases, and live feeds, among many other sources.) Once your data has been imported, you can design your chart using ChartBlocks’s chart building wizard. The wizard allows you to control nearly every aspect of your chart, customizing things like the look and design to fit your own aesthetics and company branding. When your chart is complete and ready to share, grab the embed code that ChartBlocks provides and share your chart immediately on social media or by embedding it on your own website.

ChartBlocks gives its users the freedom to decide which types of charts they want to create—pie, area, line, or stacked bar charts are the most common—as well as how they want to share those charts online. ChartBlocks also provides support for users who want to prevent their charts from going public, which is useful for people who are planning to use ChartBlocks for business or professional purposes.

Practical Uses:

  • Build a chart to represent a large data set
  • Create charts that pull data from multiple sources
  • Impress clients by turning their information into stacked bar charts
  • Embed detailed charts on any website or blog

Insider Tips:

  • Export charts as editable vector graphics
  • Edit your account preferences to create private charts by default
  • Select the appropriate color, size, and fonts for your custom chart
  • ChartBlocks integrates with Facebook and Twitter

What we liked:

  • The wizard takes users step-by-step through the process of building charts
  • ChartBlocks helps users select the correct part of large data sets to use in their charts
  • ChartBlocks offers free plans
  • Users with Elite pricing plans can have up to 200 active charts

What we didn’t like:

  • Users with free plans don’t have the option of maintaining private charts


Company Info:

  • Basic plan is free
  • Personal plan is $8 per month
  • Professional plan is $20 per month
  • Elite plan is $65 per month

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