March 20, 2009

Contxts – Create SMS Business Cards


Contxts allows you to share professional information via your cellphone. Sign up for the site with a username and phone number and input the information you wish to appear on your SMS business card. This must all fit within 140 characters, which is plenty of room for a name, address and email address. You can also have other information that’s available on your profile page on the Contxts website itself.

Once your card is set up, just give out your username and ask people to text it to 50500. Another option is to text the number where you want your info sent to Contxt. Either way, the recipient gets the information you have provided via SMS with no printing required. The beauty of this is that, as Contxts points out, ‘people don’t lose txt messages the morning after’, so your contact information is safely where it needs to be. As a plus, you get a virtual contact manager with your contacts’ details on the Contxts website. The service is still in alpha, but looks promising.

Practical Uses:

  • When your business cards run out at a trade show, just send your info via SMS
  • Skip business cards altogether and go completely digital
  • Use Contxts to track who and how many people ask for your contact information (you’ll receive an SMS confirmation every time)

Insider Tips:

  • Add links to your social media profiles to flesh out your SMS business card
  • Use your Contxts business card as an email signature for even more mileage
  • Make use of the virtual rolodex on to manage your contacts

What we liked:

  • Contxts makes it simple to use the service without ever visiting their website
  • For those who do want more info, the website allows for detailed contact information
  • There’s no need to lose a piece of paper with contact details ever again
  • It’s environmentally friendly

What we didn’t like:

  • The web interface is rather unattractive, in our opinion


Company Info:


  • Free


  1. Be careful print industry – technology is creeping.

  2. Kristin

    Here’s another great mobile business card service: Their mobile cards are free for a year (only $10/year after that) and they can be sent via text message or email message, and they are Vcard compatible. I love using mine!

    • That’s a cunning answer to a chingenlalg question

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