April 17, 2009

Funnela – Simple Online CRM


Funnela bills itself as simple, intuitive customer relationship management (CRM) software which can be accessed from virtually anywhere. The Funnela dashboard allows you to manage mail, contacts, calendar, and tasks, with each tab giving access to deeper features and functionality. Within the contacts section you can group customers, add information, share contact details, and add events associated with them. Similar features for sharing are available in the email, calendar, and tasks view, with filtering capabilities to help you find the information that is of most interest.

Funnela includes the ability to import data from Highrise or via Excel CSV files, which means you won’t need to repopulate customer data even if you have previously used another system. Like other CRM software, Funnela has the potential to help you save time and increase your effectiveness when dealing with customers. However, it’s very new and there are still some features we would like to see before using it exclusively.

Practical Uses:

  • Increase customer satisfaction by always having up-to-date information about their needs (including scheduling, past conversations, emails, and deliverables)
  • Work with your sales team from within a central location
  • Organize your sales planning tasks in single, highly accessible place

Insider Tips:

  • When importing contacts, take the time to match the fields so that your data is not corrupted
  • Group contacts for easy contact management

What we liked:

  • You can add several users to email accounts so they can be shared by members of your company
  • Automated filters similar to Gmail can be created to save time in processing email

What we didn’t like:

  • Within free accounts, only your Funnela email address can be used
  • Funnella is not as feature-rich as competing applications
  • We would have liked to be able to import and/or synchronize calendar data from our existing calendar applications


Company Info:

  • Launched: March 2009
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Poland
  • Founded by: Jacek Wieczorek
  • Web site:


  • Prices range from free to $149 per month


  1. Hi,

    Maybe add Apollo to the list of alternatives, now that we have stronger CRM functions! 😀

    It has cases&deals, notes on contacts, powerful calendar, tasks on contacts, and so on!

    Thanks LD


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