June 12, 2009

Almost.At – Following Events in Real Time

ss-almostat is a sleek web app that allows users to follow events in real time. It’s designed to track events that are discussed and covered heavily on the web such as concerts, conferences, and so on, via social websites such as Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, blogs, and more. is built on the Cappuccino web framework, and the interface is extraordinarily attractive, regardless of its sometimes slow loading time. There are four total columns on the app: the left column, which features a variety of different real-time events, and the three primary columns. After clicking on one of the topics on the left-handed column, the three other columns expand, showing the current real time events of your choice. comes with a couple of other neat features as well, such as a timeline where you can browse your viewing history as well as the “followees” list, where users can select others to track. This is a nice feature because it eliminates the fluff you don’t want to read, letting you focus on the most interesting tweets. Another great thing about is that it automatically refreshes, so there’s no need to worry about refreshing the browser yourself.

Practical Uses:

  • Follow the happenings of a tech conference as it happens
  • Read through Twitter posts while skimming the latest news stories
  • Watch your favorite band’s concert

Insider Tips:

  • Add usernames to your “Followees” list to track
  • Download browser for Mac
  • Use the timeline to browse through events that happened a few hours ago

What we liked:

  • The three column layout
  • Convenient automatic refresh
  • Sleek interface

What we didn’t like:

  • The site is slow to load
  • No regulation of followees list—an invitation to spammers


Company Info:


  • Free

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