June 12, 2009

Mixero – Reducing the Noise of Twitter


Mixero calls itself the new generation Twitter client for people who value their time and are tired of noise information” and, while their claim may be lengthy, it doesn’t make it any less accurate. The goal of Mixero is pretty simple: make Twitter easier to use. Their consumer base is most likely made up of Twitter power users—those who update constantly and follow more people than they could possibly count and businesses who are looking to monetize the marketing power of Twitter. For these people, Mixero is a godsend.

Mixero synchronizes Twitter posts and displays them in an organized, easy-to-use fashion. Users have an “ActiveList” where all information from groups, contacts and channels is conveniently displayed on a timeline. Of course, you can filter the timeline as needed, choosing keywords, or even turning off the filter entirely. Other neat features include auto-completion of direct messages and replies, as well as the ability to see the URL merely by scrolling over the link.

Overall, Mixero is a great way to streamline communication and an excellent way to “reduce the noise” of Twitter. Not all Twitter users will necessarily see the need for an app like Mixero, but for serious users, it’s almost a necessity.

Practical Uses:

  • Organize your social life by following your friends’ tweets but still maintaining a large number of additional followers
  • Network easily by filtering and finding the most important tweets
  • Track mentions of your company or brand and easily reply using Mixero

Insider Tips:

  • Use specific keywords to filter the timeline
  • Set it to Avatars mode to work with other programs
  • Change the panel size for easier viewing
  • Watch pics or videos more easily by using SmartPreview

What we liked:

  • Convenient way to get the most out of Twitter
  • Powerful extra features like SmartPreview and Autocompletion
  • Solid and intuitive interface

What we didn’t like:

  • We liked everything


Company Info:


  • Free

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