February 20, 2010

Prezi – Present Your Message Without Boundaries

Presentation tools don’t have to be complicated or confusing in order to be effective—or at least they don’t for people who choose to use Prezi. Billed as a simple, straightforward way to create beautiful, design-driven presentations, Prezi is an online tool that does away with typical slides and instead gives people a way to make comprehensive presentations all within a continuous digital canvas. One of the key premises of Prezi is that it is easier to use than other presentation platforms. In fact, its creators say new users can figure it out and start making their first project in 10 minutes or less.

To create a presentation from scratch, start by opening up a blank canvas and double clicking to open a new text box. Once your basic ideas have been added to the canvas, you can zoom in closer to type more detailed descriptions and insert photos or graphs to illustrate your point. Use larger sizes to demonstrate your most important points, and rotate any images or text boxes to add a more customized look to your presentation. Finally, use the “storyline” feature to turn your well-designed canvas into an organized presentation and map out the order in which each feature on the canvas will be shown.

Once you hit “show,” you are ready to present. Like other presentation tools, Prezi lets you control the speed of your presentation with arrow keys that can be controlled by the presenter. You can publish your presentation on the web with the click of a button, and Prezi’s sharing features make it easy to view or edit your work from any computer. For anyone who’s looking for a fresh, innovate way to give captivating presentations, Prezi is a tool that is worth trying out.

Practical Uses:

  • Create a presentation and impress your colleagues
  • Publish your presentations online
  • Seek feedback on presentations from coworkers working remotely
  • Make presentations for school and impress your teacher

Insider Tips:

  • To add more space to your Prezi canvas, just drag to make it larger
  • Move and resize items on your canvas using the “zebra” tool
  • Insert animations into any Prezi presentation
  • Let viewers zoom in on a particular question in your presentation, then zoom out to show them the big picture idea

What we liked:

  • Images and graphics stand out well on a Prezi canvas
  • Ability to arrange presentations using the “storyline” and “path” that best suit your topic
  • Zoom feature lets you get close and showcase a particular text item or image during the presentation
  • Visually, Prezi is much more pleasing to the eyes than standard presentations

What we didn’t like:

  • Prezi is so different from other common presentations tools, that it might be slightly challenging for some people to grasp


Company Info:

  • Launched: April 2009
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Budapest, Hungary and San Francisco, California
  • Founded by: Peter Halacsy and Adam Somlai-Fischer
  • Web site:


  • Public plan is free
  • Enjoy plan is $54/year
  • Pro plan is $159/year

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