February 21, 2010

RadioTuna – Track Down Your Favorite Tunes

If you’re tired of listening to that same Britney Spears track 20 times a day, then it might be time to branch out and discover something new. RadioTuna is an internet radio search tool that lets you find stations that play the type of music you like and delivers new music to your computer in an instant. Rather than wasting time downloading songs that you might not even like or browsing through online radio stations looking for one that actually plays your type of music, just input your favorite genre or artist into the search box and let RadioTuna handle the rest.

New users don’t need to sign up to start listening in on RadioTuna—just click your favorite music genre and browse through the thousands of results that pop up in a drop down list. Without any complicated downloads or lag time, RadioTuna will tune in to the station you selected and bring new music right to your computer. To get even more specific results, type in the name of an artist you like. RadioTuna will instantly search across thousands of internet radio stations and provide you with a list of any that are playing a song by that artist at that very moment.

Even better benefits are reserved for users who sign up with RadioTuna, such as the ability to bookmark favorite radio stations or retrieve stations from your listening history. The site also gives you the chance to share you new music finds with others via Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking applications. For anyone who’s tired of slow-moving music discovery websites, RadioTuna is a quick and fun way to listen to the radio online.

Practical Uses:

  • Listen to tracks from your favorite artists
  • Discover new music that you might like
  • Put on background music in a genre you enjoy
  • Share your favorite radio stations with friends

Insider Tips:

  • View a list of suggested stations if no radio stations are playing your favorite artist at the moment
  • Register for an account to access bookmarked stations from any computer
  • Suggest new radio stations if your favorite isn’t included in RadioTuna’s lineup
  • Click to share favorite stations on Twitter or Facebook

What we liked:

  • It’s a breeze to use
  • Playing RadioTuna doesn’t create a performance drag on your computer
  • Real-time searching ability makes RadioTuna unique

What we didn’t like:

  • Currently you can search stations by genre or artist, but not by specific song


Company Info:

  • Launched: December 2009
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Brighton, United Kingdom
  • Founded by: William Jenkins, Chris Martin-Sperry, and Tom Kennett
  • Web site:


  • Free


  1. Hi, it’s Will from Radio Tuna here.

    Thanks for the great 5* review, it means a lot. It’s great to see that our hard work is appreciated – we’re really pleased with how the site is developing.

    If you like the site, you’ll soon be able to embed a mini widgetised version of it on your own page. An iPhone app will be along some time after that.

    Thanks again, if you or your readers have any more feedback we’d love to hear it.

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