April 6, 2010

Nutshellmail – Comprehensive Social Summaries via Email

Keeping up with all the social networking notifications and messages that you receive each day can be an exhausting and time consuming endeavor, not to mention the fact that the number of emails that you receive can seem to multiply each time you start using yet another social networking service. Nutshellmail is a webapp that thinks it can help you with that, by combining all of your social networking notices and messages into one daily, comprehensive email.

In order for Nutshellmail to work, you’ll have to give the application access to your login information for all the accounts you’d like linked up—the site supports Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn, along with various email services. Once you’ve signed on, start customizing your Nutshellmail account by determining how frequently you’d like to receive the summary emails and which time of day you’d prefer the messages to be sent. You can adjust the settings to determine what information you and don’t want to show up in your summary emails, and then send yourself a summary email right away to instantly see what your daily messages will look like in the future. If you’re happy with the result, then just click save once and you’re ready to go.

After you set up your Nutshellmail notifications, there’s really very little you need to do. At a pre-determined time each day, Nutshellmail will sent you a comprehensive summary of everything that’s going on with your social networking accounts, including any mentions or follower requests on Twitter, status updates and photos on Facebook, and friend requests on MySpace. For social networking feigns who just don’t have the time to click through all the messages that come into their inboxes each day, Nutshellmail is a fantastic solution that can help simplify anyone’s life.

Practical Uses:

  • Save time by reading all your social networking messages at once
  • See all the replies you received on Twitter that day
  • Find out whose birthday it is each morning in your summary email
  • Stop wasting time reading dozens of pointless messages from online friends each day and combine them into one comprehensive email

Insider Tips:

  • Link up as many or as few networking accounts as you wish
  • Customize each account’s notices to include more or less information
  • Determine how many times a day you want summary emails to be sent
  • Forward messages from other email accounts through your Nutshellmail account

What we liked:

  • Ability to determine which time of day the Nutshellmail summary should arrive
  • Keep tabs on your kids by receiving a daily summary of their online life
  • Nutshellmail simplifies life for everyone with multiple social networking accounts
  • Summary emails are nicely designed and easy to read

What we didn’t like:

  • There are quite a few social networking sites that Nutshellmail doesn’t yet support


Company Info:

  • Launched: October 2008
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Menlo Park, California
  • Founded by: David Lyman, Mark Schmulen, and David Neubaue
  • Web site:


  • Free


  1. Nutshell Mail is a great tool for managing social media activity on your time. I have found it to be a lifesaver because it keeps me updated without getting distracted or drawn into the conversation at the wrong time. The team continues to improve upon the platform as well. As a marketer, it would be ideal to be able to deliver my facebook page activity and twitter streams to customers via nutshell independently of others. I don’t believe this will be a part of the platform but would love to see some sort of B2B version.

    Overall, Great tool!

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