July 18, 2010

Invoice Bubble – Stop Paying to Send Invoices

Invoice Bubble is a free invoicing service that allows freelancers and small business owners to send professional-looking bills to all of their clients without spending a dime. Whereas some invoicing applications only offer limited features for free accounts, Invoice Bubble gives all of its best features to all of its users, paying and otherwise, including customization, PayPal integration, invoice automation, and even client management abilities.

Signing up with Invoice Bubble isn’t just free, it’s easy too. The application asks you for a few pieces of basic information—such as a first name, email address, and password—and then directs you to your new invoicing dashboard. Click on tabs on the top of the dashboard to access your invoices, estimates, clients, and contacts. If it’s time for invoicing, then click on the Invoices tab and scroll through a list of active bills. You can use the filter tool to view paid invoices, unpaid invoices, or all invoices at once. If you’ve already added contact information for the client you’re billing today, then all you need to do is choose the name of that client from a drop down list when you start creating new invoices to send. Once you select the reference number, payment terms, and payment status, you’ll see a preview of the invoice that can be edited with a click. Type in each item you’re billing for, along with the time or quantity and cost. When you’re done, Invoice Bubble will tally up your charges and apply any taxes or discount codes that apply to the sale. You can then send the invoice through the system or download it as a PDF file, to be attached in an email to the client or printed out and sent via postal service mail.

Beyond just basic invoicing, Invoice Bubble also lets you create estimates that can be mailed to clients and saves your client contact information to make regular billing even easier in the future. For clients who get billed on a weekly or monthly basis, Invoice Bubble will automatically send out invoices once recurring billing has been set up. For small business owners who don’t enjoy spending time invoicing each month, Invoice Bubble offers a no-cost option that doesn’t take much energy or time to use.

Practical Uses:

  • Send an invoice with a payment due date to a client who never pays on time
  • Make sure you get paid for the wedding reception you catered last week
  • Let your clients pay via PayPal
  • Print out your invoices and send them via snail mail to clients who rarely use email

Insider Tips:

  • Create estimates in the same way you create invoices
  • Save contact information for each client you regularly bill
  • Set up recurring invoicing for regular clients
  • Make profiles for your clients and include details that you can refer to later

What we liked:

  • Every important invoicing feature is available for free with Invoice Bubble
  • Invoices can be sent through the system or downloaded as PDF files
  • Being able to save client information speeds up the invoicing process
  • Easy to add in discounts or state tax information to the invoices

What we didn’t like:

  • Invoice Bubble has a small line of advertising on invoices sent with free accounts


Company Info:


  • Free accounts
  • Premium accounts are $5/month

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