August 28, 2010

Pinboard – More than a Basic Bookmarking App

For people who love Delicious but think they could never switch to a new social bookmarking app, Pinboard is an application that has the ability to change minds. Billing itself as “social bookmarking for introverts,” Pinboard offers many of the same user-friendly features as other online bookmarking applications. Users can save their favorite URLS, add tags and descriptions, and then access that information from any computer at any time. What makes Pinboard different, however, are all the unique features that the application offers, like automatically bookmarking the links you’ve referenced on Twitter, bulk editing bookmarks with one step, and keeping an archive of every bookmark you’ve ever saved on the site.

Although Pinboard charges a one-time sign up fee, the cost is fully refundable within the first three days of membership if you change your mind and decide to leave the site. Once you’ve gotten started and set up an account, you’ll be able to begin bookmarking your favorite sites and adding descriptions, titles, and tags as you please. Decide whether to mark certain bookmarks as private, or keep your entire account private and secure. The application offers one-touch “read later” bookmarking that puts the titles of unread bookmarks in orange, and includes a starring feature that keeps all the bookmarks you’d like to keep handy on a separate starred page. It also lets you import previously saved bookmarks from Delicious, Google Bookmarks, Diigo, Firefox, Safari, and a handful of other applications.

Pinboard offers a number of other useful features, such as RSS feeds on each page, javascript badges that can be used on blog templates, and a quick-loading mobile site that makes getting ahold of your favorite bookmarks a breeze. Although Pinboard has many of the same features as Delicious, its extensive privacy settings, simple interface, special archiving service, and bulk editing features set it apart from the pack of other popular bookmarking applications.

Practical Uses:

  • Save your favorite websites to reference later
  • Find the articles you meant to read, but never got around to checking out
  • Get ideas for new online sites to visit by seeing what’s popular
  • Keep all the sites you have ever enjoyed reading saved in one central spot

Insider Tips:

  • Ask for a refund within three days if you’re unhappy with your new account
  • Mark your entire account as private, or just mark certain links
  • Articles you bookmark with the intention of reading later will be marked in orange
  • Bulk edit all your bookmark tags at once

What we liked:

  • Simple interface loads the Pinboard pages quickly
  • Easy to import links from other bookmarking sites
  • URL descriptions can be much longer than the allowable length on Delicious
  • Shared links and favorites from Twitter are automatically bookmarked

What we didn’t like:

  • Pinboard costs money, whereas most of its competitors are free


Company Info:

  • Launched: July 2009
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Botosani, Romania
  • Founded by: Maciej Ceglowski and Peter Gadjokov
  • Web site:


  • One-time signup fee of $6.44
  • Archival accounts are $25/year

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