October 14, 2010

Skinnyboard – A Collaboration App Without the Fat

Skinnyboard is a collaboration application that gets right to the point. Rather than presenting users with a bloated system that offers dozens of features that nobody needs, Skinnyboard offers a sleek and simple solution for businesses looking to get things done. For one flat rate, companies can get access to a single collaboration site that an unlimited numbers of employees can access. From day-to-day tasks to long term goals, companies of all sizes can use Skinnyboard as a centralized place to get organized and focused as a team.

Although Skinnyboard requires that users sign up for a flat rate subscription, you can try out the site for free without having to input any credit card numbers or payment information. Enter in the name of your business and an email address to activate the account, then create a new board to get going. Choose between creating a product backlog—which is a master list of all the functionality that is required for your specific product—or a project sprint—which is where you can list all the tasks your employees need to complete in the coming weeks and months. Add a title, description, start date, and end date for your board, and select which employees can have access. Once you’re on the sprint board, you can add comments, tags, and prioritization levels to stories and tasks.

One of the biggest benefits to using Skinnyboard is being able to see the progress of any specific task. As employees move forward with each of the items on their to-do lists, they’ll be prompted to change the status of the task. This allows managers to see how far along each of the tasks from within any given project currently are, helping to estimate when the all of the moving parts of a project should be wrapped up and complete. For companies looking for a straightforward way to manage projects and keep everything straight, Skinnyboard is a well-designed application that anyone can figure out how to use.

Practical Uses:

  • Assign tasks to each member of your work team
  • Check the board to see how far along each employee is in his tasks
  • Invite other users to collaborate with you on an assignment
  • Let your bosses know when you have completed all your tasks on a project

Insider Tips:

  • Leave comments on any task or story
  • Set up your Skinnyboard account with a custom domain
  • Filter all tasks by keyword
  • Track all changes on a board by using the history feature

What we liked:

  • Being able to filter tasks by keyword makes it easy to group like assignments together
  • The application doesn’t have any extraneous features that clog up the system
  • Design-wise, the application is sleek and fun to use
  • Tasks can continually be moved through the system until they’re marked as done
  • To-do lists can be imported from Basecamp

What we didn’t like:

  • Skinnyboard doesn’t currently offer any iPhone or Blackberry applications


Company Info:

  • Launched: September 2010 (version 2)
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Ontario, Canada
  • Founded by: Fluid Media Inc.
  • Web site:


  • Flat rate plan is $15/month

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