October 14, 2010

WorldLogger – Better Web Tracking

Would knowing who was coming to your website, what times they were visiting, and what brought them there in the first place cause you to make changes to your online marketing strategies? Quite possibly. With WorldLogger, you can see how many visitors are on your website at any given time and adjust your posting schedules or content releases to hit at the exact moment when the most people are online. The application also makes it easy to see how engaged your readers really are by tracking sign ups, sales, and casual mentions on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook.

No matter what type of online business you run, you can use WorldLogger to maximize your company’s impact. Sign up for the site by entering your website address and a bit of information about your company. You’ll need to embed a small amount of javascript code on your website, after which WorldLogger will be able to start downloading information immediately. Unlike competing analytics tools, WorldLogger offers live web tracking. That means that rather than waiting until tomorrow morning to find out you had a spike in traffic the day before, you can find out instantly when traffic is up or down and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly. In addition to seeing how many visitors you have, you can easily view traffic sources, visitor information, and individual page view statistics that stream instantly on your dashboard as soon as visitors click on your site.

Businesses that wish to monitor their reputation elsewhere on the web can take advantage of WorldLogger’s unique social media tracking tools. The application will monitor predetermined keywords on all the major social networking sites in real time, giving companies a way to respond quickly to negative reviews or comments being posted online. For web-based companies looking for a way to find out more about their website visitors, WorldLogger is a relatively inexpensive application to try.

Practical Uses:

  • Find out where your visitors are coming from
  • Review traffic patterns to determine the best time of day to launch new products
  • Respond quickly when someone posts a negative review of your company online
  • See who is bringing the most traffic to your site

Insider Tips:

  • Use the WordPress plugin to install WorldLogger on a WordPress site
  • Connect multiple websites to a single account
  • Use the application’s visualizing tools the view data in an interesting way
  • All data on the site is SSL encoded

What we liked:

  • WorldLogger scours blogs for any mention of your company
  • Ability to see which keyword searches brought people to the site
  • Page view statistics are updated in a constant stream on the dashboard
  • WorldLogger makes it easy to view your top website referrers

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:

  • Launched: April 2010
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Amsterdam, Holland
  • Founded by: Jaap van der Meer and Ernest Mistiaen
  • Web site:


  • Free 30-day trial
  • Basic account is $4.95/month
  • Pro account is $9.95/month
  • Premium account is $34.95/month
  • Custom accounts available

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