December 9, 2010

SurveyGizmo – Create Targeted Surveys

SurveyGizmo can help individuals and businesses create online surveys that meet their needs, whatever those needs may be. Billing itself as the ideal solution for “feature-focused marketers, researchers and educators,” SurveyGizmo is clearly made for people who know what they want. From basic to complex, the surveys, evaluations, polls, and studies made with SurveyGizmo can be parsed and digested in countless ways thanks to the web-app’s intuitive reporting tools and enterprise features.

Before you can create a survey with SurveyGizmo, you’ll have to decide what the survey is for. If you’re looking to make a basic five-question survey as a way to find out what your online blog readers are interested in, then you can get started by creating a free account. From the Dashboard page, you can create a new survey or browse through a library of any previous surveys you’ve made. Name your new survey, add questions, and decide which “question type” will help you gather the answers you need. Once your survey has been created, you can send out links to your followers. Users with paid accounts have additional options for sending out invites, allowing them to publish surveys on a private domain and send out customized subdomain links to their online followers. Advanced publishing options also make it possible to embed surveys into your own website using Javascript, iFrame, or HTML code.

Once your readers begin filling out the survey and answers start trickling in, you’ll be able to review SurveyGizmo’s summary of the information you’ve gathered. Survey responses can be exported as CSV or Excel files, and you can customize reports by adding filters to only show respondents who answered the questions in a certain way. For sophisticated users who want surveys that function well and look great, SurveyGizmo is an excellent application worth trying out.

Practical Uses:

  • Find out what your blog readers would like to see appear on your site
  • Send evaluations to all your colleagues
  • Create a poll to find out what your students are interested in learning about
  • Get a feeling for what services your clients wished you offered

Insider Tips:

  • Upgrade plans to add more users to a single account
  • Integrate with
  • Share detailed data reports with colleagues and friends
  • Use custom templates to create professional-looking surveys

What we liked:

  • Creating a survey with SurveyGizmo only takes a few minutes
  • Data can be sorted and parsed in a number of ways
  • Free plans exist for individual users with limited needs
  • Users can gather more responses per month with SurveyGizmo than with similar apps
  • Businesses can create custom-branded surveys

What we didn’t like:

  • Many other survey apps already exist with similar features


Company Info:

  • Launched: January 2006
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Boulder, Colorado
  • Founded by: Christian Vanek and Scott McDaniel
  • Web site:


  • Free plan
  • Personal plan is $19/month
  • Pro plan is $49/month
  • Enterprise plan is $159/month
  • Dedicated plan is $599/month


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