December 9, 2010

TheDeadline – Everyone Needs a Personal Assistant

Who says only the wealthy need personal assistants? Whether you’re beleaguered secretary who needs help keeping track of incoming calls, a freelance illustrator with a pile of post-its that keeps getting higher, or a stressed out mom who could use an extra hand getting organized for the busy holiday season, TheDeadline is a collaboration application that comes with its own digital personal assistant – Eve. With full Google integration and automated reminder notices that flow right into your inbox, TheDeadline works hard to keep you organized.

Because TheDeadline’s “Eve” is a digital personal assistant – as opposed to the real world variety – she can’t fold laundry and she can’t pick up anyone’s kids from school. What she can do is integrate with your existing online tools to help you get and stay organized. Register for an account with TheDeadline, and start by creating a to-do list. Items on your to-do list can be shared with other people, labeled with hashtags for easy sorting, and placed on a calendar that’s used for managing due dates. When your spouse has signed up for TheDeadline, too, you can easily share household duties and receive instant notifications whenever specific chores or tasks have been accomplished. Whoever is marked as the “responsible” person for a to-do item will receive an automated reminder before the deadline, which become more frequent as the due date draws near to ensure the ball never gets dropped on an important task.

Any item on a to-do list can be edited and marked as complete. Completed to-do items will be crossed out, and will eventually fall off the to-do list entirely. When you connect TheDeadline to your the Google Apps – which allows you to integrate to-do list items with Google Calendar and Contacts – completing tasks becomes even easier. For individual business users and families in need of a bit more organization and structure, TheDeadline is a helpful tool to have in the arsenal.

Practical Uses:

  • Organize your freelance projects and never miss a deadline
  • Coordinate household chores with your spouse or roommates
  • Work together with friends on everyday tasks and assignments
  • Stay on track when planning your sister’s birthday party

Insider Tips:

  • Use hashtags to easily find specific to-do list items
  • Add a due date and time to any given task
  • Type in a friend’s email address to share an item
  • View all the changes that have been made to a joint to-do task

What we liked:

  • Automated reminders get more frequent as deadlines near
  • Extensive filtering tools help find older to-do items
  • Specific tasks can be shared with people who aren’t registered users
  • Users can comment and edit tasks as many times as they wish

What we didn’t like:

  • To-do list items can be filtered by a hashtag or due date, but they can’t be searched by keyword


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