January 21, 2011

PlagiarismDetect – Complete Plagiarism Protection

For publishers and editors there is almost nothing more embarrassing or enraging than realizing that a submission sent in by a writer was plagiarized – especially if that discovery doesn’t happen until after the publication has already gone to print. When you use PlagiarismDetect, however, you don’t have to worry about embarrassing mistakes like that getting through. The plagiarism detection website utilizes “SMART technology” and a multi-layered scanning technique to catch any and all instances of plagiarism in articles, research papers, student essays, and virtually any other type of written content.

Although PlagiarismDetect does offer a free account for demonstration purposes, users will need to upgrade to an “Accurate account” to scan any articles that are longer than 100 words. Once you’ve logged in, it’s easy to scan articles and look for incidences of plagiarism. Just copy and paste any type of text and click “Analyze this text.” PlagiarismDetect will immediately begin scouring the web for similar phrases and word combinations. PlagiarismDetect will then present these results, along with information about where the text was copied from and a percentage score that shows just how much of the text was plagiarized. The web-app also offers a powerful add-in feature that lets you check articles directly from MS-Word 2007 without having to toggle between handfuls of open windows.

Unlike similar applications, PlagiarismDetect doesn’t have a limit on the number of pages a user can scan in one day. Assuming you’ve signed up for a paid account, PlagiarismDetect will let you check an unlimited number of pages without incurring any extra costs or special fees. For teachers, editors, and students alike, PlagiarismDetect is a powerful tool to have on hand.

Practical Uses:

  • Catch students who are plagiarizing their term papers
  • Make sure you didn’t miss any citations before turning in a research assignment
  • Check to see whether any of your writers are plagiarizing content
  • Determine with accuracy whether a student stole a portion of his term paper from an online database

Insider Tips:

  • Have PlagiarismDetect send results to your email inbox
  • Save time by using the MS-Word 2007 add-in
  • Use the “Upload file” feature to scan additional resources
  • Plagiarism findings are explained in detailed reports that can easily be printed and handed to the offenders

What we liked:

  • PlagiarismDetect works quickly
  • Users with paid plans can scan as many articles as they want in a 24-hour period
  • Demo account lets you try out the service before paying for an upgraded plan
  • Students can use PlagiarismDetect to make sure they didn’t forget any citations

What we didn’t like:

  • Users with free accounts are only able to scan 100 words of text at a time


Company Info:


  • Demo account is free
  • Accurate account is $29.95/month


  1. Jacob

    Did you test to see if you submit a paper once, then submit it again whether or not it will count it as a higher % of plagiarism? For example with Turnitin if you do that, to the best of my knowledge, the second time around it will say 90%+ was plagiarized since they already have a paper in their database(your paper, nonetheless).

    • same here re: andrew\’s coemmnt, my advisor is a much better writer but i sure can imitate it on my good days!i use turnitin and like it — the problem, i think, is people who view it as a tool to make less work for themselves. for every paper with a high report (say, over 50% or so), i or my TAs go through and make a judgment call on intentional plagiarism. this cuts down on the amount of internet searching we\’d have to do on our own but likely increases the number of papers we examine in detail for academic misconduct — it\’s either a wash or ends up as being more work for us. still, i\’m appalled by the standards students seem to be hitting in terms of citation — this is why i use it. at least it lets them know i really do care about it.oddly, i\’ve found that the worst papers have less than 10% overlap with other sources and the best are around 20-30%.

  2. This sounds great, especially for people in the academic world. Does the program put signs where it detects plagiarism? I would probably give the free account a try to see if its worth the money. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Glad that I have found you people. it is truly an embarrassing fact that a submission sent in by a writer was plagiarized. What causes the submitted material to get plagiairized.Is there anything to detect before getting plagiarized? Thanks for sharing. I have book marked your page. Regards

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