January 24, 2011

Findmyshift – Straightforward Staff Scheduling

Whether you run a medical office, a clothing boutique, or a small café, you need employees to work the registers and help out customers during business hours each day. Although the idea of creating work schedules and staff rosters may seem easy at the beginning, the reality of the situation can become daunting once factors like school schedules, maximum work hour limits, and employee vacation days are taken into account.

When you use Findmyshift to create work schedules, you don’t have to worry about all that. All you need to know to use Findmyshift is your employees’ names and the hours your business is open. With Findmyshift, you can create and manage your employees’ work schedules in minutes. Making changes is easy, too, since Findmyshift lets the employees themselves swap shifts at the last minute – upon receiving proper approval and permissions, of course. Check to make sure none of your employees has gone over the 40-hour work limit in a given week by reviewing the schedule, filtered by staff member or facility. Track each employee’s vacation time and sick leave days directly thought the site, as well. You can notify staffers about any scheduling changes via Findmyshift’s messaging system, which sends text messages and emails to staffers instantly.

When the workweek is done, it’s time to export your official schedule data into your payroll system. This not only saves you time, but also decreases the chances that a computation error or manual input error will occur. For frazzled business owners who have a million and one things to do each day, using Findmyshift will free up time and make the hassles associated with employee scheduling a thing of the past.

Practical Uses:

  • Save time when scheduling employee work hours
  • Decrease errors in payroll by importing data directly from Findmyshift
  • Send messages to your staff about any changes in the weekly schedule
  • Keep track of employee vacation days and sick leave

Insider Tips:

  • Findmyshift lets you set up different pay rates for each member of the staff
  • Messages sent via the Findmyshift system are saved to review at a later time
  • Review the “Staff by Hour” report to see how many employees are working at any given time
  • Budgeting tool helps track targeted costs and expenses

What we liked:

  • Findmyshift makes life easier for managers who schedule employee shifts
  • Reduces the chances for payroll errors, since data is exported from the schedule
  • Texting and email feature helps foster communication at the company
  • Users who have subscribed for 12 months or longer can get free customization options

What we didn’t like:

  • Users must purchase extra “credits” to send text messages to their employees


Company Info:


  • Using Findmyshift costs $13.99/month


  1. Dan

    Staff scheduling is a crucial part of staff management. A business must be able to effectively schedule staff, cope with scheduling demands while considering the morale of the staff when scheduling. staff scheduling in advance gives employees the scheduling in-site and perhaps the time off they need/deserve.

  2. Staff Scheduling software to comfort for all employee work management, its measure employee skill levels, availability attendance etc.

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