January 24, 2011

Action Method – A Radical Approach the Getting Things Done

Hundreds of project management web-apps exist solely to help freelancers and small business owners get more work done in an efficient manner. So how does a new task-based management application stand out in such a competitive market? By turning the traditional methods that companies have used to get things done upside down and creating a “radical approach to productivity and project management.” Action Method is a web-app that aims to help people get organized and stay on top of their latest projects – whether they’re working online, offline, or from their mobile phone.

You can use Action Method from your iPhone, desktop computer, and even when you’re working offline. What makes this app different is that it separates each project into five basic sections: Action Steps, References, Backburners, Discussions, and Events. After you add your first project on Action Method, you can type in all the actionable tasks – like emailing a client or making changes to the ad copy – that need to be completed before the project can be done. You can delegate these tasks to other members of your team, and include a target date for completion. File any notes, links, or sketches associated with a particular project in the “References” section, and use the “Backburner” tab to save any great ideas that you plan on looking into at a later date. You can facilitate group conversions in the “Discussions” area of any project, and save any upcoming meeting dates or deadlines under the “Events” tab.

Action Method separates itself from other project management and to-do list web-apps by keeping its emphasis on moving projects forward. With the use of actionable tasks, event reminders, and delegation tools, small business owners and their employees have no excuses not to be on task and on track with all their latest projects.

Practical Uses:

  • Work together with a team on a website redesign project
  • Plan a company’s marketing campaign
  • Communicate with coworkers without using email or instant messaging
  • See everything that has to be accomplished before a particular project is complete

Insider Tips:

  • Delegate specific tasks to colleagues, who can then accept or reject the assignment
  • Add important due dates and meetings to the events page
  • Review the discussions page to see what the group decided during its last meeting
  • Use the References page to save interesting links or documents related to the project

What we liked:

  • Action Method has developed a new way for businesses to get work done
  • Users can save their good ideas on the Backburner page to look at later
  • The iPhone application is a great way to stay on task while working on the road
  • Action Method also sells planners and books that companies can use off-line

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:


  • Introductory plan is free
  • Premium plan is $12/month or $99/year

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