January 26, 2011

ThankThank Notes – Show Your Appreciation

Handwritten thank you notes go a long way in making clients feel valued and appreciated – even in today’s high-tech business world. But in reality, who has the time to craft well written, thoughtful notes for each and every client they work with? ThankThank Notes does. The brand new thank you note service will put together and mail handwritten notes to all of your clients for just $3 a pop.

Whether you’re thanking a client for his years of patronage, sending well wishes to a customer who recently gave birth, or just saying happy holidays to a handful of your favorite vendors, you can do so without having to buy any note cards or get out any stamps. Just head over to ThankThank Notes and click “Send Notes.” Type in your name and address, the recipient’s name and address, and exactly what you want your note to say. Put brackets around any areas of the note that need to be personalized if you’re sending multiple notes at once – such as the recipient’s name or business title – and proceed directly to the payment page. For $3 per note, ThankThank Notes will put together a handwritten card inside a hand-addressed envelope via USPS. If you’d prefer to spend even less money, ThankThank Notes also offers discounted pricing options for people who’d rather to send handwritten postcards, instead.

If you’ve got dozens of cards to send, especially around the holidays, ThankThank Notes can handle that, too. The service offers bulk mailing options, along with an API option that automates the process. Finally, for customers who prefer signing cards themselves, ThankThank Notes offers two basic choices. The service can either get a custom-made stamp with your personal signature or leave the signature space blank, so you can sign the cards yourself before dropping them in the mail.

Practical Uses:

  • Send thank you notes to all of your new clients
  • Wish an important customer well after her recent wedding
  • Mail out holiday greetings to all your biggest clients
  • Personally thank employees when they make big sales

Insider Tips:

  • Select whether you prefer a man or woman’s handwriting on your cards
  • Have a custom signature stamp created and used on all your thank you notes
  • Purchase your own thank you notes for ThankThank Notes to use
  • Use the API option for a more integrated ordering process

What we liked:

  • Companies can use ThankThank Notes to show off their great customer service
  • Clients will be impressed when they receive a handwritten note from the boss
  • People who use ThankThank Notes will never have to go searching for a stamp before sending a quick note to a colleague
  • Having bad handwriting is no longer an excuse for not sending thank you notes

What we didn’t like:

  • Paying $3 per note is somewhat expensive for small businesses that plan on thanking a lot of clients


  • None

Company Info:


  • $3 per note
  • Discounted options available


  1. Suren

    If the client that you sent the note finds out that it came from this site and you paid 3 bucks for it, won’t that look cheesy? As much as hand written is personal and warm, hiring someone to do it seems a bit awkward. Nevertheless, best wishes.

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