February 11, 2011

Bill4Time – Track Your Billable Hours

You’ve put in the time, now it’s time to get paid. Bill4Time can make that process easier, by automating the way freelancers and small business owners handle the billing and invoicing of clients. With time tracking, expense tracking, account managements, and time billing tools, sending invoices and receiving prompt payments could not be any easier.

Create a Bill4Time account for your business by entering your company name and industry, creating a login, and selecting a pricing plan. Enter contact and billing information for all the clients you’re currently working with on a regular basis, and make sure to start the time tracking tool each time you sit down to work on a particular client’s project. Bill4Time’s time tracking software offers a straightforward way to track how many billable and non-billable working hours you’ve spent working on each project, making it easy to create accurate invoices when your projects are complete. Expense tracking is made easier with Bill4Time, too, since the app offers a basic system that records each expense – including images of the receipts – and adds the information directly to the correct client’s bill. You can send invoices in email, PDF, or LEDESformat, or print out invoices on company letterhead to mail to clients directly.

Bill4Time also offers total integration with a number of the apps that businesses commonly use, including iCal and QuickBooks. And for users who are gun-shy about giving all their sensitive data to a company for fear of losing it all in a server crash, Bill4Time offers local data backup that allows users to back up their data on their own computers as frequently as they wish.

Practical Uses:

  • Create accurate invoices that reflect the exact amount of time spent on a project
  • Upload receipts when adding expenses to client invoices
  • Save time by automating the billing process
  • Track the expenses for each individual project you’re working on

Insider Tips:

  • Local data backup allows users to save their data as frequently as they wish
  • Desktop widget can be used to record time even when an Internet connection is not available
  • Users can record expenses and add items to their schedule using the mobile app
  • Bill4Time can also be used as a basic accounting application

What we liked:

  • Bill4Time offers an array of features that can be used by people in many industries
  • Time tracking tool measures not only hours, but also the minutes spent on a project
  • People who use Bill4Time can send out invoices that are always accurate
  • Users can upload copies of their receipts for better invoicing and expense tracking practices

What we didn’t like:

  • The sheer number of features that Bill4Time offers may become overwhelming for some small business owners


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2006
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: New York, New York and Bellevue, Washington
  • Founded by: Broadway Billing Systems
  • Web site:


  • Free plan
  • Bill4Time Lite is $19.99/month
  • Bill4Time Professional is $39.99/month


  1. It will be better if both the employer and employee both use the same billing app so that there can be no discrepancies. This way, both parties can track the hours accurately and no one party gets short changed. Is there a dedicated function in the app itself that allows this?

  2. Bill4time seems to be a good tool, but we use Replicon time billing software for tracking the billable hours.

  3. There are number of Time Billing Software available in market even many are free of cost as well. But very few of them are reliable, thus they are highly expensive. However, Timelive is really great choice because of it’s reliability, affordable cost and wide range of feature.

  4. Peter Mayer

    Great information in here – thanks for that!
    I currently use for my business. It works out well for me and contains all the features that I need to do my bookkeeping.

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