March 17, 2011

StaffNote – Manage Your Employees

Managing an office is no simple task, especially when it comes to organizing the schedules of multiple employees. When sticky notes and emails aren’t getting the job done, StaffNote might be the solution. Companies that use StaffNote can keep track of employee attendance, leave schedules, and payments in one central place. Communication between staff members is stored on the StaffNote system, as well, making it easy to refer back to if a miscommunication ever were to occur.

If you’re like most managers, you probably struggle with keeping track of everyone’s changing schedules. Now you can throw away the Post-Its and start getting organized with StaffNote. Create a free account for your company, and create logins for each member of your staff. When you add a new staff member, you can assign that person to a specific department and set up a basic work schedule. This schedule will filter into an attendance report, which you can review before sending out paychecks each month. Time clocks are a thing of the past when you use StaffNote, since the web-app automatically tracks what time each staffer checks into and out of work each day. Staff members can review each other’s attendance and work schedules, and share public or private messages through the StaffNote system.

In addition to helping managers keep track of the attendance of their employees, StaffNote also serves a number of other purposes for small to medium sized companies. Messages sent within the system can be referred back to at any time, and group messages make it easy for all employees to know when the business will be closed for holidays and other special events. For HR managers and anyone else struggling to stay in control, StaffNote is an excellent resource.

Practical Uses:

  • Review employee schedules to make sure everyone is getting enough hours
  • Quickly see which employees have the best and worst attendance records
  • Keep track of which employees were tardy for work last week
  • Ask employees to check-in at work by logging into the site when they arrive

Insider Tips:

  • Set IP restrictions so employees can only login to StaffNote from a work computer
  • Use the calendar feature to set up holiday schedules
  • Review the schedules of the employees working in a particular department
  • Single users can have multiple pay packages, depending on the work they’re doing

What we liked:

  • StaffNote is easy for companies to set up
  • Managers can see all the staffers currently at work from the dashboard page
  • Time zone options make StaffNote helpful for companies with remote workers
  • StaffNote assigns badges to the employees with the best and worst attendance records

What we didn’t like:

  • Only 1 manager is allowed per account, no matter what type of plan the company uses


Company Info:


  • Free plan
  • Basic plan is $6/month
  • Standard plan is $12/month
  • Plus plan is $20/month
  • Premium plan is $35/month

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