May 11, 2011

UserEcho – Utilize Your Customers

UserEcho is a web-app that provides a useful way for companies to solicit feedback from customers online. Businesses of all sizes can get feedback from their clients, customers, and followers, and then respond directly to people who submit particularly interesting comments or insightful ideas. Companies that use UserEcho can interact with clients directly and potentially get help generating a few innovative business ideas in the process.

In order to start collecting feedback from customers and clients using UserEcho, you’ll need to create a customizable widget and embed it into your company website. UserEcho also offers the option of adding a basic link to any website, which would direct clients to the place where they could submit comments and ideas online. When a client clicks on a UserEcho widget or link, they’re taken to a custom page with an empty box for typing in feedback or searching for similar suggestions that have already been submitted. Feedback is separated into various categories, making it easy for you – the business owner – to see all the business-related suggestions from your clients and customers in one list without getting sidetracked with various complaints and queries. With all these ideas coming in on a constant basis, you might think it would be hard to decide which suggestions to implement. UserEcho has an answer for that, too.

In addition to being able to leave feedback, customers can also vote on the suggestions left by other users. As a business owner, you can then go in and quickly see which ideas have received the most votes as a way to decide which new features to implement first. For businesses that want a better way to monitor their online communities and solicit feedback from interested customers, UserEcho offers an ever-expanding list of features that can be used to connect businesses to their clients online.

Practical Uses:

  • Find out what new features your online fans would like to see
  • Let customers vote on which new brands your company should sell at its store
  • Impress customers by responding quickly to their feedback and ideas
  • Gather insight into what your clients are looking for in an online company

Insider Tips:

  • Sort feedback based on type, to see a list of only ideas or only questions
  • Administrators can delete duplicate ideas and merge similar suggestions
  • Users can subscribe to receive notices when customers have left new feedback
  • Limit which clients can participate by setting the UserEcho forum to ‘private’

What we liked:

  • UserEcho automatically searches for similar feedback when clients begin typing in their ideas to prevent duplicates
  • Tagging certain ideas and suggestions makes it easier to find relevant information
  • Voting system helps business owners know which ideas their customers really like
  • UserEcho’s widget can be customized to blend in with any existing website

What we didn’t like:

  • UserEcho doesn’t offer an easy way to backup the feedback that companies get onto a separate server


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2010
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Torrance, California
  • Founded by: Sergey Stukov and Vladimir Mullagaliyev
  • Web site:


  • Free plan
  • Base plan is $15/month
  • Base+ plan is $59/month
  • Advanced plan is $256/month


  1. It’s possible to import feedback in XML format using our API

    We plan to add simple link in admin interface that will generate XML with all content.
    It’s will easy way to import and backup data.

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