June 20, 2011

Scrible – Save & Annotate Any Site

Saving websites to read later or share with friends can sometimes be a hassle. Whether the problem involves a broken link, a jumbled tag, or a malfunctioning computer, the end result is the same: The information you once tried to save is either temporarily inaccessible or gone for good. Scrible offers a solution to that, by providing a new way to save, annotate, and organize the websites you love.

To use Scrible, you don’t have to download any programs or install any new systems. Just drag the Scrible bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmark toolbar and you’re ready to go. When you come upon a site worth saving, click the bookmarklet button and a Scrible toolbar will immediately show up at the top of your screen. Click the “Save” button to save a copy of the website as it currently appears to your Scrible account, or click the “Add Note” button and type a quick note to remind yourself why, exactly, you’re saving this site to begin with. Although Scrible is a functional bookmarking tool, its real usefulness has to do with annotation and collaboration. Click on the “Highlight Text” button, select a color, and you can start highlighting all the most important parts of whatever website you’re on. Add sticky notes to explain your annotations and include a dynamic legend to organize your annotations by topic.

Once you’re done marking up a page, you can export the annotations to Microsoft Word or share them with others via email. Colleagues will be able to access the annotated version of the webpage you saved and add further annotations of their own. Scrible also gives users access to their own powerful personal libraries, where they can save webpages to refer back to at any point in the future. This is especially useful in cases where sites have been pulled down or when links have been broken.

Practical Uses:

  • Share the research you’ve gathered with other members of your team
  • Edit the copy an employee has posted on a company website
  • Let colleagues know exactly what website information needs to be included in marketing materials
  • Keep all your personal and work related website links organized

Insider Tips:

  • Change permissions to decide which libraries are accessible to which colleagues
  • Annotated websites can quickly be shared with friends through email
  • Saved websites can be filtered by tag or keyword
  • Users who opt for paid accounts can get additional storage

What we liked:

  • Users can save websites to refer back to later, even if the site has been taken down
  • Scrible eliminates the need to ever need to print websites for annotation purposes
  • Saved websites can be access from any computer, at any time
  • Colleagues can quickly edit each other’s work online, rather than emailing documents back and forth

What we didn’t like:

  • The browser add-on is currently only available for people using Internet Explorer


Company Info:

  • Launched: May 2011
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: San Mateo, California
  • Founded by: Andrew Delpha and Victor Karkar
  • Web site:


  • Basic edition is free
  • Paid edition pricing is TBD


  • 5 out of 5 (wow)


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