July 13, 2011

Memonic – Collaborate With Classmates or Coworkers

Now that more people are working from home offices and remote workspaces, collaboration among coworkers is becoming increasingly difficult. Memonic is an application that can help. With Memonic, people can share notes and web content online. For teams and groups, Memonic is like a notebook or a binder of material that can be passed around and shared. The only difference is that Memonic can be passed around and shared in a virtual environment and people don’t have to be sitting in the same room to work together as a team.

In order to capture content and really start using Memonic, you’ll need to use the web clipper tool. Click and drag the Memonic button to the toolbar on whichever browser you use most often, and you’re ready to clip. Click on the button whenever you see an article worth saving or a webpage worth sharing. Unlike basic bookmarking tools, Memonic gives you options. In addition to being able to bookmark a page, you can also clip certain portions of the content, save the page to read later, or write a note about the content that your colleagues can view. If you’re working on an extensive research project with a team, then you can use the “Gathering Mode” feature. Start a new session and name your session, then get to work gathering content for whatever project you’re focused on. When your group uses the Memonic dashboard, you can see what content each person has collected and add notes to explain why a particular webpage was saved or what it adds to the project you’re working on.

Organization is a key part of the Memonic system. Rather than letting bookmarked pages pile up, Memonic encourages people to use its tags, labels, and folders to keep all the content they’re saving organized. Even the notes feature is useful in this regard, since it allows users to add information about why, exactly, they saved a particular page. Memonic sets can be public or private, and they work great for groups of schoolmates, workmates, or teammates who’ve been tasked with collaborating or virtually any type of assignment.

Practical Uses:

  • Collaborate with classmates on a group research paper
  • Help colleagues gather information for an upcoming presentation
  • Organize an upcoming vacation with family members
  • Create a public set and list all your favorite brunch spots in town for people to see

Insider Tips:

  • Individual sets can be made public or private
  • iPhone, iPad, and Android users can download the mobile app
  • Memonic offers integration with Salesforce
  • Users can see what content their friends have collected by visiting the dashboard

What we liked:

  • Tools like tags, labels, and folders help keep saved content organized
  • Memonic’s dashboard setup is unique among bookmarking apps and facilitates collaboration
  • Users can save any must-read articles they come across to read at a later time
  • People can add notes to add context to any of the content they clip

What we didn’t like:

  • Users with free accounts are limited in the number of groups they can have and notes they can write


Company Info:

  • Launched: November 2009
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Founded by: Dorian Selz, Felix Hürlimann, Patrice Neff, Christoph Hauzenberger, and Toni Birrer
  • Web site:


  • Free plan
  • Premium plan is $28/year


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