September 7, 2011

Plnnr – Personalized Trip Planning

Plnnr is a tool that people can use to create free, customized travel itineraries that will save them time and money on their upcoming trips. The magic of Plnnr is that it picks up where amateur trip planners leave off. A typical tourist can put together an itinerary of all the places he wants to see in Rome, for example, but Plnnr ups the ante by taking into account travel times, the hours of operation at popular tourist attractions, and user preferences, as well.

Get started creating an itinerary with Plnnr by checking out the site and clicking on the name of the city you’re visiting. Plnnr itineraries are currently available for people traveling to 20 international cities, including Barcelona, Milan, and Budapest, to name a few. Enter your arrival date, tell Plnnr how many days your trip will last, and then choose whether you want an itinerary built around kids, the outdoors, cultural sites, or the “best of” in each city. You’ll also want to select an intensity level based upon how much touring you want to do each day and a luxury level, which will help Plnnr determine which hotels to recommend based on your needs. In an instant, you’ll see a vacation itinerary that lists a schedule for each day – including travel times to and from each attraction – along with a marked-up city map to help plan your routes. Plnnr even goes to the effort of setting up a timetable for each day’s activities, although you can adjust that schedule and elect to start your day earlier or later if you wish.

To take Plnnr even further, you can click on the “Hotels” tab. There, you’ll see a list of suggested hotels near the attractions you’ll be visiting. Click on the name of any hotel to see the average price and candid photos. If you like what you see, just click on the “Yes” button to go ahead and reserve a room. Although you don’t need an account to use Plnnr, you will need to sign up for one to share your itinerary publically with friends and fellow travelers online.

Practical Uses:

  • Help plan a family trip to Barcelona
  • Create an itinerary based on the activity level and interests of your group
  • Get help deciding which hotel to book for your trip to Milan
  • Share your trip plans with friends before leaving for Budapest

Insider Tips:

  • Manually adjust the time you’d like to begin each day
  • Click on the name of a recommended attraction or activity to read more about it
  • Change the weight of individual categories to adjust the overall trip profile
  • Get walking directions between city attractions

What we liked:

  • Plnnr can help design any itinerary from scratch
  • Itineraries can be customized based on the user’s interests
  • Plnnr takes into account the hours of operation of various attractions when creating itineraries
  • Users can get step-by-step directions to popular tourist spots

What we didn’t like:

  • Users can only create itineraries for 20 cities at the current time


Company Info:

  • Launched: July 2009
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • Founded by: Mosi Shuchman and Imri Goldberg
  • Web site:


  • Free


  1. Planning an elaborate travel plan is not an easy business. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account and it’s easy to overlook one of them if you don’t have a system or a tool such as Plnnr. With this travel planner, you can create an itinerary, introduce variables such as transport, accommodations, costs and much more. This way, you will know exactly what your next step is and you will always have control over your trip.

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