September 16, 2011

EmbedPlus – Update Your Clips

EmbedPlus is a web-app that can change the way website visitors interact with your videos online. Using the video embed tool, web publishers can enhance the viewer experience by adding chapters, annotations, and professional-level edits to the clips and movies they post directly to their websites and blogs.

High quality videos have been proven to get more views and receive more positive feedback, and EmbedPlus has all the tools necessary to give any video a professional look. Although EmbedPlus offers more tools and features than video-sharing services like YouTube, the web-app doesn’t take any more know-how or skill to use. Just enter the URL of a video on YouTube, select the size, and choose where you’d like the video to start or stop. You can also select certain screen markers, which is what makes it possible for your online visitors to click through the various chapters of a video when looking for the most interesting parts. Add text annotations to the video, and click “Get Code.” EmbedPlus will present you with HTML code that you can copy and paste directly into your site.

One of the unique features that EmbedPlus offers is a real-time reaction button, which lets your website visitors see what other people around the web are saying about the videos they’re watching. EmbedPlus currently gets this information from YouTube comments, however it eventually hopes to pull content from Twitter feeds as well.

Practical Uses:

  • Embed high definition videos on your blog
  • Start and stop longer video clips at specific points, rather than at the beginning and the end
  • Include text annotations to add context to the videos you post
  • Encourage visitors to post comments and interact with the videos they’re watching

Insider Tips:

  • Download a special plugin to embed videos on a WordPress blog
  • Add chapters to a video by adding scene markers
  • Designate a specific stop time for the video you’re posting
  • Use the special link to share the video via email, Twitter, or IM

What we liked:

  • EmbedPlus can be used to improve videos that have already been posted online
  • Blogs that post EmbedPlus clips look more professional
  • Users can take advantage of EmbedPlus’ tools without signing up for an account
  • EmbedPlus will improve video content without actually hosting it

What we didn’t like:

  • Certain blog platforms, like WordPress, will automatically reformat EmbedPlus’ HTML code unless the user downloads a special plugin


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