September 17, 2011

Usaura – What Do They Really Think of Your Site?

very website has room for improvement. Usaura is an application that can help point out problem areas for web designers who appreciate a bit of constructive criticism. In as little as five minutes, designers, developers, and web publisher can start learning from the users who visit their websites on a daily basis.

Usaura gives all new visitors a choice: create a test of your own or take a test that was designed by someone else. Assuming you’re a developer who’s curious to find out what other people think of your site, you’ll want to click “Create a test” to begin. Start by choosing a test image – ideally, a screenshot of your website or a mockup of what you expect it to look like – then type up a short question for test-takers to answer. The question you include should have to do with where your visitors are most likely to click when they first see your page. Tests can be made private or public, and you can include a click limit that lets people click up to five spots on any given page. Publish your test and then send out the URL to begin soliciting responses. Head to the results page to find out what people think about your site.

Even if you’re not a web developer or a designer, you can still use Usaura. Take other people’s click tests and let them know what you think. Not only can you take as many tests as you wish, but you can view the current results of any test to determine whether your opinions match up with what other people thought.

Practical Uses:

  • Make sure the “Buy now” button on your retail site is placed in the optimal spot
  • Find out what other people think of the website you built
  • Gather feedback when putting together a new business site for a client
  • Let other people know what you think of their website designs

Insider Tips:

  • Results are viewable as a heatmap
  • Users can type in any click-related question, as long as it’s under 250 characters
  • Public tests are listed in the public testing pool
  • Designers can allow test takers to add up to five clicks on a single page

What we liked:

  • Publishers do not have to register to use Usuara
  • People can view the results of any test they take
  • Setting up a new test is an extremely quick and simple process
  • Each test has its own URL, which can be tweeted or emailed

What we didn’t like:

  • The images that test-creators upload cannot be larger than 500KB


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