October 19, 2011

Onepager – DIY Landing Pages for Businesses

Business owners know that a professional website is necessary if they want to promote their companies and attract an online audience. The problem, for many, is the cost and time associated with building a robust business website. Onepager is a solution that professionals can use to create one-page business websites in very little time.

If you’re looking for a simple business website that your customers can use to find your store hours, location, and other basic information, then Onepager is a great solution. To create a custom website from scratch, enter your company name and upload a logo. Choose from one of Onepager’s professionally designed themes or create your own theme using the tools provided by the web-app. Next, you can decide which types of content to post on your new page. Check the box next to each section you want added to your site. Onepager lets you add a tagline, contact information, store hours, location maps, a list of services, and an ‘about us’ section on you site. The sections you select will show up on your edit-able page, where you can type directly into each section box and add the content you want to see. When the page looks and reads like you want it to, just click “Save” and you’re almost done.

When you use Onepager, you can register a custom domain, use a domain you already own, or use a special Onepager web address. Onepager makes it easy for people to update their pages at a later date by logging back into the site at any time and making however many changes they want—all without having to contact any admins or pay an IT staffer for help. The web-app’s analytics tools can also be used to tell where new online visitors are coming from and how they’re finding a particular business’ website.

Practical Uses:

  • Create a professional website for your business
  • Help people find where your retail store is located
  • Give your business an online presence
  • Purchase a custom domain where customers can find your website

Insider Tips:

  • Onepager websites are built with search engine optimization in mind
  • Website updates can be made through Onepager
  • People can user pre-made themes or create their own designs
  • Users can purchase their domains through the Onepager site

What we liked:

  • Businesses that didn’t have a website this morning can have a fully functional site by lunchtime
  • Onepager sites contain all the information that’s relevant to a business and nothing more
  • Websites can be built in very little time
  • Landing pages can be customized in any number of ways

What we didn’t like:

  • Onepager’s one-page websites may not be robust enough for every business


Company Info:

  • Launched: August 2011
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: New York, New York
  • Founded by: Eric Tarn, Matthew Shampine, Matthew Moore, and Yin Yin Chan
  • Web site:


  • Monthly plan is $10/month
  • Yearly plan is $96/year


  1. Thanks for the review! We’re actually working hard on making the product a little more robust for businesses that need it. Whatever we do, we’ll always be simple and effective. Keep your eyes open for more updates coming soon!

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