October 18, 2011

EverWrite – Develop Content That Gets Noticed

EverWrite is a tool that publishers, marketers, and writers can use to craft online content that will get noticed by search engines like Google and Bing. The web-application analyzes what people are reading about online and provides insight on the specific topics that are most likely to get noticed by readers. In addition to these topic recommendations, the site also crafts custom keywords that writers can include in their work to increase the odds that their content will appear on the first page of Google or Bing results.

Getting started with EverWrite should take no more than 30 seconds. Once you’ve selected a pricing plan based on how much traffic your site currently receives, you’ll be able to sit back and relax as EverWrite does the heavy lifting and analyzes the writing you’ve already done. Based on this analysis, EverWrite will come up with a customized list of keywords that are similar in nature to the content you already have published. A person who writes about fashion on a regular basis might get keyword ideas like, “2011 Fashion Week” or “stylish winter coats.” These keywords are based on what real people are searching for right now. Each suggested keyword gets a score from 0 to 10, which is used to show the chances of an article making it onto the first page of a major search engine by using that keyword. If you’re like most publishers, you probably write about more than just one topic. EverWrite understands this, and it will create keyword groups based around the topics you write about most frequently. A sports blog might have groups such as “soccer,” “football,” and “basketball,” for example, and each group would get its own set of unique keywords.

In addition to helping people select reader-friendly topics to write about and search engine-friendly keywords to embed, EverWrite also offers Google Analytics integration and special keyword performance tracking tools. Every keyword that a user selects from EverWrite’s list will be monitored. Using EverWrite’s tools, writers and publishers can keep tabs on how well those keywords are working and how many people are coming to their sites from various search engines.

Practical Uses:

  • Write about the topics your online fans want to read about
  • Increase traffic stats by bringing in more new readers from Google and Bing
  • Develop content around the most popular keyword terms
  • Help your blog get noticed by people who are searching for specific information online

Insider Tips:

  • EverWrite integrates with Google Analytics
  • Each keyword is ranked on a scale of 0 to 10
  • Pricing plans are based on how much traffic a user’s website gets each month
  • Performance reports show how many times a visitor was brought to a website after searching for a specific keyword

What we liked:

  • Individual publishers can improve their search engine rankings by using this app
  • EverWrite helps writers boost their search engine traffic organically by using keywords in their articles
  • Smart topics ideas are based on the topics a publisher is already posting about
  • EverWrite offers suggestions, and people can choose whether or not to use them

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


  • None

Company Info:

  • Launched: 2011 (Beta)
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Delaware
  • Founded by: Diego Gomes and Edmar Ferreira
  • Web site:


  • Pricing options are coming soon

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