June 6, 2012

Web Control Room – Centralized Business Management

A small business owner looking to take control of his company’s performance can choose from hundreds of online applications to help him do the job. Marketing apps, accounting apps, and analytics apps all serve their unique purpose, even though clicking from app-to-app can be time consuming and burdensome. Web Control Room is a new app that brings all those tools together under one roof.

Stop wasting time logging in and out of multiple performance tracking web-apps each day, and sign up for Web Control Room instead. Configure your Web Control Room account to pull data from the professional business applications you already use, like MailChimp, Xero, Google Analytics, Google Feedburner, Klout, and Pingdom, to name a few. Web Control Room will automatically begin pulling key data from these apps and using it to create a one-page chart that you can review to get a sense of how your company is doing at any time. The charts that Web Control Room provides focus on month-to-month comparison data to give small business owners a clear view of what directions their companies are headed. Charts and data are available on more than just a small business owner’s desktop computer. Web Control Room makes sure that all its data is available to users with smartphones, as well, making it possible for people to check the status of their performance reports when they’re on the road or out of the office.

Practical Uses:

  • Spend less time browsing through performance tracking data each day
  • Compare your customer engagement level today to the level last month
  • See whether the marketing plan you implemented is boosting newsletter subscriptions
  • Find areas for improvement within your company

Insider Tips:

  • Web Control Room connects with nine popular performance tracking apps
  • Users must authorize Web Control Room to pull data from their apps
  • Web Control Room is available on most mobile phones
  • Business owners who track Google rankings can see how their websites rank with popular keywords

What we liked:

  • Color-coded charts make it easy to determine how a business is faring
  • Web Control Room doesn’t bombard business owners with too much information at once
  • Users can compare their company’s financials on a month-to-month basis
  • People who use Web Control Room can spend less time logging in and out of various web-apps

What we didn’t like:

  • The useful of Web Control Room will increase as it integrates with more and more popular business apps


Company Info:

  • Launched: February 2012
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Burleigh Heads, Australia
  • Founded by: Dan Norris
  • Web site:


  • Free (in beta)

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