June 7, 2012

Right Inbox – Track Opened Emails

Right Inbox is a web-based tool that gives people a peek inside the minds of the recipients of their emails. The email tracking and scheduling application lets users see when the messages they’ve sent out are viewed and read, and provides instant notifications when the links contained in those emails are clicked.

If you’re curious about what’s going on with your emails after you click “Send,” then get started integrating the application with your Gmail account and installing the browser extension on Firefox or Chrome. Before you start tracking your emails, you’ll want to schedule them to be sent at the optimal time. Compose the email you plan to send, then click “Send Now” or “Send Later” depending on when you want the message delivered. When you click the “Send Later” button, you can choose to send the email in one hour, two hours, four hours, tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, or at a specific time in the future.

To find out when your sent emails are opened, you’ll want to turn on Right Inbox’s email tracking feature. Click the “Track” button – which appears at the top of your Gmail inbox, thanks to Right Inbox’s browser extension – and send the email like you normally would. Right Inbox will send you an automatic notification when the email is opened and let you know where the recipient was located when he or she received your message. You can also sign up to receive subsequent notifications when the recipient clicks on any links contained in your email message.

Practical Uses:

  • Find out when your assistant opened the email you sent
  • Schedule all your marketing emails to be sent during the least busy time of day
  • Make sure your client is clicking on the links you sent him
  • Learn more about your email recipients, like where they’re located when they open your emails

Insider Tips:

  • Right Inbox integrates with Gmail and Google Apps
  • Users receive automatic notifications when their sent emails have been opened
  • The Right Inbox browser extension works on Firefox and Chrome
  • Senders can find out where their recipients are located when they open their emails

What we liked:

  • Right Inbox users don’t have to worry about whether their emails went through
  • Right Inbox is a great tool for professionals who want to make sure their emails are being opened
  • People can schedule their emails to be sent at any time, or any date
  • Notifications are automatically sent by Right Inbox when a tracked email is opened

What we didn’t like:

  • Right Inbox only works for people who regularly use Gmail


Company Info:


  • Free in beta


  1. Jess

    Hello, I just gave this a shot. Please see below the review I wrote, which I originally posted on the Chrome web store:

    After reviewing the pros and cons between Right Inbox and the more popular competitor Boomerang, I decided to give this a trial because it offers tracking (notification when the e-mail is opened, thus ensuring the e-mail was received). The pricing (as of Feb 2,2013) was also slightly lower, should I later on decide to upgrade.

    My testing with the free plan was successful, even with embedded images, attachments, and different font formats within the e-mail. Using the extension was also very intuitive. This was all accomplished on the url Gmail.

    However, I found that not only was it not available for use in the Gmail Offline (a popular app developed by Google to allow offline access on computers and tablets), but it causes it to freeze, thus making Gmail Offline completely inoperative. As soon as I uninstalled Right Inbox, Gmail Offline functionality returned immediately. Since Gmail Offline is the way I usually use Gmail, this was a deal breaker for me.

    I also noticed it was quite buggy with Gmail’s new “compose” view (specifically when I expanded the compose view), despite the extension update.

    As well, when researching online to see if there were solutions to this problem, I found that other users had similar trouble with Right Inbox messing up their Gmail extensions and apps. What’s even more troubling, people who were satisfied with the performance of the free plan found that the extension malfunctioned or became completely useless when they upgraded to a paid plan!

    Here are the reviews I found that reported this:!searchin/chrome/right$20inbox/chrome/arSSPQAF0y4/smQl1-4EpqcJ (September 2012) (February 2013) (April 2012)

    Thirdly, in trying to give Right Inbox a final chance, I took a look at their Twitter account to see if these issues were false alarms. From their feed, it appears that Right Inbox has been experiencing issues nearly every couple of days. To their credit, Right Inbox is addressing complaints and is working to resolve all these issues, which counteracts the user reviews reporting that they have been unresponsive.

    Conclusion: Its a great tool if you stick to Gmail url and to the free plan (limit of 10 e-mails per month), but it looks like it is still very unstable and isn’t quite ready to risk paying for it yet.

  2. Svetlana

    I’d also like to suggest a free alternative – Deskun ( What we like about this extension is they don’t put ads in emails.

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