June 8, 2012

Cube Anywhere – Increase Professional Productivity

Cubicles are so 20th century. With Cube Anywhere, you can take your work outside the office and be productive on the train, in a coffee shop, or from the comfort of your dining room at home. Busy professionals who need 24/7 access to their project estimates and timelines can use Cube Anywhere to stay fully connected to the online data they store with GitHub, Google, Twitter, and countless other cloud-based applications.

To try Cube Anywhere for free, sign in with your Google Apps, Google, Yahoo!, or AOL account. Once you’ve imported your data and gotten your company set up with the application, you’ll be able to view all your vital business information on one main dashboard screen. Without clicking from app to app, you can view daily calendars, expenses, project timelines, and client information. Quickly record expenses by entering a description and the cost. You can also snap a picture of the associated invoice or receipt with your phone and attach that image to the expense in the Cube Anywhere app. At the end of each month, you can use Cube Anywhere to generate reports based on all the financial data you’ve put in. These reports can be sent to clients or investors, or exported and saved for future use.

Connecting Cube Anywhere to your GitHub or Bitbucket accounts allows you to record changes and events on both web-apps at once. This integration makes it easier to track the progress of certain projects, and also streamlines the process of time tracking and expense management by automatically cross-referencing projects based on client and status.

Practical Uses:

  • Keep better financial records based on the time you spend on each client’s projects
  • Save invoices and receipts for tax-time deductions
  • Generate detailed financial reports for important clients
  • Work on important projects from virtually any mobile device

Insider Tips:

  • Cube Anywhere works on all web browsers
  • Users can log in with their Google Apps, Google, AOL, and Yahoo! accounts
  • Cube Anywhere connects with GitHub and Bitbucket
  • The application is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, and French

What we liked:

  • Cube Anywhere makes it easy for busy professionals to work from the road
  • Users can snap photos of their receipts for expense verification
  • Professionals can create stylish PDF reports that are easy to share via email
  • People can use Cube Anywhere to calculate mileage costs for expense reports

What we didn’t like:

  • Getting started with Cube Anywhere can be difficult for new users


Company Info:


  • Cube Anywhere is $6.99 per user, per month

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