July 20, 2012

Save the Mom – How Busy Moms Plan Their Days

Magnetic calendars and handwritten schedules just won’t cut it for today’s busiest moms and dads. Save the Mom is a an all-in-one digital assistant that connects all of a family’s devices—including tablets, PCs, and smartphones—in just one click.

If you’re struggling to stay organized among all the incoming phone calls, emails, and texts messages coming in from your children, spouse, and even distant relatives, then you may want to give Save the Mom a try. Rather than receiving messages or notifications on your digital devices and then manually entering them onto a calendar by hand, Save the Mom helps you move your family calendar online. Once you’ve synced your devices and signed up your family, you can start using the family dashboard to communicate and share important information about upcoming events and news with your crew. To add a new event to the family calendar, just type in a short description and set-up an automatic reminder to be sent out to everyone involved. You can also encourage your family to use Save the Mom’s check-in feature, which works like a closed Foursquare network and lets you know where your kids are located when they check-in on their mobile devices.

Finally, Save the Mom has found a way to deal with one of the biggest hassles most households face: coming up with a weekly shopping list. Make sure everyone’s needs are met on your weekly trip to the grocery store by storing your shopping list on Save the Mom and encouraging your spouse and children to add any items they need using their smartphones or other mobile devices.

Practical Uses:

  • Create a shopping list that your husband can view on his smartphone
  • Make sure everyone knows you’ve got a family wedding to attend this weekend
  • Send your kids automatic reminders before important tests
  • Find out where your kids were last located when they checked-in on their phones

Insider Tips:

  • Save the Mom works on the iPhone, iPad, and the web
  • Check-ins on Save the Mom are private in your family’s network
  • Users can send invitations and event reminders to their family members through the shared calendar
  • Use the ‘Favorites’ feature to see which shopping items your family buys most frequently

What we liked:

  • Save the Mom is a great tool for busy moms and dads
  • The family dashboard is a great place to share announcements
  • People can view their shopping lists on their mobile phones or tablets
  • Save the Mom makes it easier for large families to communicate

What we didn’t like:

  • Although Save the Mom offers applications for the iPhone and iPad, it doesn’t offer any Android apps just yet


Company Info:

  • Launched: March 2012 (Public Beta)
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Brescia, Italy
  • Founded by: Marco Gafforini, Davide Dattoli, and Sara Baroni
  • Web site:


  • Free for up to 3 months

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